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NewAir AI-100S Silver Portable Ice Maker with 28-Pound Daily Capacity

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  • 28 pound daily capacity
  • Compact countertop design
  • Makes ice in 15 minutes


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NewAir AI-100S Silver Portable Ice Maker
Enjoy the benefits of fresh homemade ice anytime with the NewAir AI-100S portable ice maker. This easy to use ice machine is perfect for any setting! Whether you're relaxing at home or having a party, you'll love this ice maker.

Makes Lots of Ice
Never buy a bag of ice again and make enough ice for any occasion! The NewAir AI-100S portable ice maker makes 28 lbs. of ice per day, so it's guaranteed to keep you well-supplied with all the ice you need.

Quick Cycle Time
Enjoy fresh ice in minutes with the NewAir AI-100S portable ice maker. This unit makes up to 9 pieces of ice in as little as 15 minutes, so when you need ice at a moments notice you can have it!

Special Features Include

  • Automatic shut off & overflow protection
  • Removable ice basket
  • Silver finish
  • LED display

Needs More Water Indicator
The NewAir AI-100S portable ice maker takes the guesswork out filling the water reservoir. The empty reservoir indicator lets you know when it needs additional water to make ice!

Easy to Use
The sleek NewAir AI-100S portable ice maker features a side-mounted drain and removable ice bin to empty any unused water at the end of the day. Push button controls light up as selected, making it easy to select an ice size.

Compact & Portable
This ice maker is made for easy portability. It's compact to fit on virtually any counter and provides ice so quickly it can be set up and used at a moments notice. All you need is standard outlet. Plug n play operation requires only 115V outlet, making it easy to take anywhere and use for any event.  

Guaranteed Satisfaction.

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  2. Money back guaranteed
  3. Free return shipping
  4. No restocking fees

  • Model: AI-100S
  • UPC: 854001004037
  • Product Type: 28-Pound Portable Ice Maker in Silver
  • Product Dimensions: L: 14.50" x W: 11.75" x H: 15.00"
  • Product Weight: 24.30 lbs.
  • Product Color: Silver
  • Application: Makes ice for indoor and outdoor use
  • Warranty: 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Voltage: 115 volts
  • Amps: 1.9 amps
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Certifications: ETL
  • Type: Portable Ice Maker
  • Daily Ice Making Capacity: 28 pounds
  • Ice Shape: Bullet
  • Installation: Freestanding
  • Energy Star Rated: No
  • Operating Cycle: 15 minutes
  • Ice Making Capacity Per Cycle: 9 pieces
  • Display Type: LED
  • Full Ice Basket Indicator: Yes
  • Add Water Indicator: Yes
  • Drain Type: Side-mounted
  • Number of Ice Sizes: 3
  • Timer: No
  • Self-Cleaning Function: No
  • Includes Ice Scoop: Yes
  • Automatic Overflow Protection: Yes
  • Ice Storage: Yes
  • Removable Ice Bin: Yes
  • Reversible Door: No
  • Does not require permanent installation
  • Easy-to-use control panel offers more settings for optimized customization
  • Features a sleek and compact design perfect for use at home or even outdoors
  • Includes an ice scoop for your convenience
  • Produces up to 28 pounds of ice per day!
  • Unit is easily portable and great for outdoor gatherings!
  • 1 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty
  • NewAir AI-100 Series Portable Ice Maker:

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Why did you buy this item?
Excellent reviews. Hope we have the same good experience.
- Walter V. on 02-14-2014
Friends have one and i like how it works
- Patricia D. on 03-14-2014
Great ratings!
- Stephen J. on 03-26-2014
- Marshall S. on 04-12-2014
had one before that worked great. died after 3 years though
- cecil m. on 04-22-2014
We use it for on premise promotions
- Juan Carlos R. on 04-21-2014
I already own one for my hunting camp and it works extremely well. I'm buying this one for my son's condo as a birthday present.
- Edward B. on 05-06-2014
Good reviews
- Nancy V. on 05-20-2014
Ratings and price
- Teri G. on 05-20-2014
For camping.
- David G. on 05-22-2014
It was listed as one of the top ice makers for the price and had great reviews.
- Shelton Z C. on 05-24-2014
great price and reviews.
- Sunjin C. on 05-26-2014
Have had previous ice makers that are convenient, Current ice maker is too small and starting to fail.
- Kevin S. on 05-29-2014
Price, free shipping and no tax
- Pat A. on 06-06-2014
To use in a small office setting
- Jason R. on 06-30-2014
based my decision on the ratings that other customers gave this product
- Pamela R. on 07-05-2014
customer reviews made it sound like a good product.
- Shirien C. on 07-05-2014
I am a renter and the freezer space provided is too small for bags of ice. We like frozen/blended coffees in the summer and this will be perfect. Chose this item because of size/price but mostly based on customer reviews.
- Brenda B. on 07-07-2014
Looked at reviews
- Carla H. on 07-09-2014
Because it's bloody hot where we are and the kids love ice!
- Oddie W. on 07-13-2014
Reviews and size and recommendation
- Lynn Grant M. on 07-13-2014
its great to have.. every where i go, ice is needed !!! so i will take this with me ...more to say once i get it.. just ordered it from BRADSDEALS & saved alot!!
- maria c. on 07-14-2014
for our camper
- Ginger H. on 07-27-2014
I have the same item at work
- Crina P. on 08-02-2014
I do vending booths at festivals during the summer and a portable ice maker is great for keeping my homemade bath and body products from melting.
- Vanessa M. on 08-02-2014
great reviews
- Jeri N. on 08-05-2014
Chose this machine due to the number of good reviews, the color, and other reviewers' comments about air & water's excellent customer service.
- Phyllis D R. on 08-06-2014
- alan v. on 08-09-2014
Excellent ratings
- Ivan C. on 08-21-2014
Excellent product at a great price
- HARI K. on 08-23-2014
had one it was a different brand and it just broke, saw on brads deals
- Jodie M. on 08-23-2014
My old ice maker died after just one year. I wanted a better quality choice this time, and the price was great.
- Terri N. on 08-23-2014
Good product for an excellent price.
- Alma W C. on 08-24-2014
Good reviews. Great price
- Ann U. on 08-25-2014
was looking for this for our lake house because we have well water and we don't drink it.
- Bonnie T. on 08-23-2014
To have ice available for my lawn mowing business.
- Joel D. on 08-25-2014
Our Ice Maker is broken AGAIN & we are buying a bag of ice every other day, sometimes once a day. I really don't want to call Sears to come out to fix/replace it because it ultimately costs me a minimum of $270 for a one year warranty on the refrigerator otherwise I risk possibly being charged over $350 for a new ice maker should that be the problem.
- Kathleen N. on 08-24-2014
Need ice
- Liz W. on 08-24-2014
Great price. Good reviews.
- Robin D. on 08-24-2014
read good reviews
- Joan N. on 08-25-2014
Use for camping and home.
- Margaret D. on 08-25-2014
Need this product for the house, boat & 5th wheel.
- Donald W. on 08-31-2014
Easy to use secure website
- Karen D. on 08-30-2014
I read all the reviews and this looked like a great buy as well as a great ice maker
- Kevin D. on 09-01-2014
i need one because my new refrigirator will not have one
- liz l. on 09-03-2014
It had the best reviews online
- Joelle N. on 09-04-2014
Found this ice maker on Brad's Deals. Had been looking for an ice maker for our family vacations.
- Carol W. on 09-08-2014
good reviews
- Lan N. on 09-08-2014
google online reviews.
- John T. on 10-02-2014
reviewed really well across several sites.
- Rachael S. on 10-14-2014
Needed additional ice and surely did not want to plumb in another ice maker, also the free shipping really helped in making my selections
- joe F. on 10-18-2014
size, ease of use and capacity
- MICHAEL B. on 10-22-2014
- Jeanne M. on 10-25-2014
Had the same unit before.
- Warren Wegge W. on 10-27-2014
researched icemakers,seemed to be a good choice
- gary n. on 11-22-2014
Features, reviews & black friday savings
- Korina B. on 11-28-2014
Compact portable design
- Melanie M. on 12-01-2014
highest reviewed with good stock on sale item
- Chris H. on 12-02-2014
I researched products online and in retail stores. This product looks as if it will best meet our needs and is possibly the best value for the price.
- Lucinda G. on 12-05-2014
works great
- Alex M. on 12-28-2014
had good ratings and because our refrigerator ice maker has already been repaired once. We will see how this works or if we will need to call a repairmn for the refrig.
- Marlene W. on 01-04-2015
Past positive experience
- Michael W. on 01-24-2015
Previous experience with the product led me to purchase this as a gift to replace one that is failing. This product has given us a couple of years of trouble-free service and is still working correctly. The one that it replaces is a different brand bought through a big box store that has not held up well despite being used sparingly.
- Theresa C. on 02-15-2015
Saw u tube video and stated it was number one and all reviews were from customers who were very satisfied.
- Doris B. on 04-24-2015
where do I put the water?
- Backitis on 2014-05-22
you pour it right in the top it holds one gallon of water
- Greg L. on 2014-05-22
The water is poured in through the top. Very easy. and fast
- Sharon I. on 2014-05-23
lift the lid and take out the tray. pour in the water to where the tray sits and you are ready to go. don't forget to put the tray back in to catch the ice.
- deborah n. on 2014-05-22
There is an internal compartment at the front of the machine and you simply lift the lid and pour water.
- Katheryn B. on 2014-05-23
i was led to believe you could choose from 3 different ice sizes. if this is true, where does it state that?
- Nancy M. on 2014-08-23
There are small, medium or large sized cubes. You make the setting choice close to the power button. All part of the cluster of buttons/lights on the front of the ice maker. We like the large size.
- Sharon I. on 2014-08-24
- Catherine R. on 2014-08-24
It is in the detailed description as well as in the photos. The top three lights show small, medium, and large cube sizes.
- Alline H. on 2014-08-24
3 choices, 3 buttons S,M,L Large is still not very big - smaller than a refrigerator ice maker. I like the size.
- Marna E. on 2014-08-24
there is a botton on the front of the machine where you can choose what size you want
- Greg L. on 2014-08-25
My name is Francisco, I buy this one, I liked, but I want to know what is the cost of power per year??? inside of the house...
- Francisco on 2014-09-12
I don't have it on every day, so its hard to say, but I have not noticed any change in my electric bills.
- Walt P. on 2014-09-12
Hi Francisco, I use my ice maker about four times a week, because it is easier for me to freeze in Ziploc bags what I don't use and then use as needed. The cost is about equal to leaving the lights on in one room all day! I doubt you will notice it unless you use it every day, all day long. Hope this helps you! Beth Pisz
- Beth P. on 2014-09-12
Francisco, you need to contact your power co. And give them the amperage and voltage of your unit (located on tag at rear of unit) with that they should be able to figure costs per yr.
- david s. on 2014-09-12
Don't know bro. It makes ice which gives me a hard on because I don't have to go buy it in a bag...woohoo!
- Steven W. on 2014-09-12
How can I clean the plastic behind the ice making rods? It collects hard water gunk and it is difficult to get at. Also hard to clean is the little square indent where the water drains out.
- Shirien C. on 2015-04-07
Hello, We recommend you remove the back panel. Then you can see the top cover screws and remove the top cover so you can have easier access.
- Mark S. on 2015-04-08
the only way I have found to clean these areas is to take the machine apart. first take off the back then the front then you can move the top around a little. difficult to clean but I love my ice maker. good luck!
- deborah n. on 2015-04-08
Shirien, I had exactly the same problem and this is what I did. I unplugged the machine and then took two paper towels dampened with a solution of bleach and water then cleaned all the inside plastic ( as much as I could reach with my hands) then used a pencil with the bleached towel to get the dirt from the square drain plug and this was tedious but it worked! The water scum on the plastic behind the ice cooling rods is difficult so I just ignored it. Vinegar and water solution can cut it but takes too much effort. I just made sure the water resovoir was clean and change water often. This was the best maker I've tried but does require maintenance. ??
- david s. on 2015-04-08
Does it keep ice frozen?
- Anonymous on 2015-04-10
We have never had a time when we did not have frozen ice. The machine is constantly making new ice as the ice that's alredy made is slowly melting. It can't keep it cold enough to store the ice indefinitely, but we have always had a good supply of ice. We love our ice maker.
- Sue C. on 2015-04-14
No, it stores the ice in a plastic bin. You need to empty into a freezer.
- Robert F. on 2015-04-11
The ice maker is not intended to be a storage container. Once the ice tray is full I always transfer it to the freezer and after it has set a while I then break it up and put it in my ice tray.
- Dennis B. on 2015-04-10
The ice maker is not a freezer, so it does not keep it frozen.
- Christine M. on 2015-04-10

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