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Avalon Bay AB-AIRFRYER200SS 3.7QT Oil-less Healthy Air Fryer

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Availability: Discontinued
Our Price: $129.00
  • Easy to use LED Display
  • Includes Recipe Book & 2 Piece Baking Set
  • Non Stick Food Basket


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5.0 Star Rating: Outstanding
Should have purchased long ago
We didn't even know these things existed until we saw a similar model on an infomercial. And after doing a lot of research, we found that there are many different models, styles and prices of airfryers. Regardless of that, they pretty much all received great product reviews from customers. We chose the Avalon Bay 200SS for several reasons: --Excellent price --Black/stainless steel design to match our other appliances --Electronic menu board --Ease of use/cleaning --Included cookbook We are totally amazed at how well this works! Our first try was with home fried potatoes. We sprayed the basket with olive oil, added the potatoes, sprayed them with olive oil and turned on the airfryer. They came out perfect! We then fried four chicken thighs using the same method and sprinkling some seasoning on them. These also came out perfect. The chicken did take additional time, as they are not listed in the cooking directions. But what's really nice is that you can just add additional time and keep cooking. The chicken still came out nice and juicy. There are several videos that you can watch on YouTube to not only help you get started, but to also give you some ideas on what/how to cook different meals. If you're in the market for an airfryer, I highly recommend purchasing from They have a huge selection, great pricing and fast, free shipping via FedEx.
1.0 Star Rating: Poor
Doesn't work will send back

Avalon Bay AB-AIRFRYER200SS 3.7QT Digital AirFryer  ***Includes Recipe Book & 2 Piece Baking Set***
If or when you add the Avalon Bay AB-airfryer200ss 3.7QT Air Fryer to your kitchen, you are in fact adding one of the most innovative, useful, deluxe and healthy appliances ever created. An Air fryer provides several possibilities, all in one compact appliance. You can still indulge in your favorite foods while also leading a healthier lifestyle. Avalon Bay is simply giving you the opportunity to Fry, Bake, Grill or Roast your food, but in a healthier way.

  • Unit Size: 288(W) x 343(D) x 334(H)  
  • Carton Size: 360 x 360x 368 mm and 6.2kg

    Dont Fry Your Food, AirFry Your Food in this Mini Convection Oven
    AirFryers work the same way as convection ovens, but better. The way that this digital AirFryer from the Avalon Bay collection works is as follows:

    • The fan technology inside the unit removes the fats & oils from the food, by allowing it to drip through the drip basket
    • It then AirFrys the food by lifting the oil and making your food airborne by coating it. It does this continuously throughout the cooking process. This guarantees crispy food.
    • It uses a combination of high-speed circulation, which makes the hot air rapidly circulate within the AirFryer. All the ingredients within the non-stick food basket will be heated at once, as the heat will come in through all sides. This guarantees that with the Avalon Bay Air Fryer your food will be cooked evenly due to the optimal heat distribution.

     The result is, you don't need to use oil. Meaning less waste, less calories and less guilt.

    Digital Touch Screen Controls
    Combined with an easy to use digital touch screen, use the built in 30 minute timer to customize the settings to cook your favorite food the way you want. The timer can be altered manually in increments of 1. During cooking, the timer will count down to your set preparation time. Before you know it you will have your cooking down to a science or even be a pro in the kitchen.

    Automatic Safety Turnoff
    This AirFryer will automatically turn off when your food is cooked, in addition to notifying you with a "Ding" noise. From a safety perspective rest assured that it is safe to do other miscellaneous tasks while also using your Air Fryer. Unlike a deep fryer, you do not need to hover over it, while cooking. Another nice feature about this unit, is that the heating and fan lights blink while its in use.

    Temperature Control
    The fully adjustable temperature control allows you to preset the best cooking temperature for your food. There is also seven pre programmed temperature modes for French Fries, Chicken, Steak, Shrimp, Meat, Fish & Cake.

    How Would You Like To Cook Your Food
    With the Avalon Bay AB-AIRFRYER200SS 3.7QT you have so many choices when it comes to cooking or reheating food for your family. There is also an Avalon Bay airfryer recipe available which will help to guide you through the following cooking options:

    • Grilling
    • Baking
    • Roasting
    • Frying

    With a 3.7QT mesh metal basket, it helps produce extra crispy results. The frying basket has a quick release allowing you to easily remove the mesh basket. This air fryer is a must have essential if you want to save time, entertain guests or lead a healthier lifestyle.

    Unique Design
    With an all over simple and compact design, this black AirFryer from Avalon Bay has non slip feet and a top handle, which is great for carrying and storing away conveniently. For a quick clean-up this Air Fryer does come with some dishwasher safe parts. Making the whole cooking process from start to finish a pleasant experience.

    Baking Set Included
    The AB-Airfryer100 Series collection offers the full experience, as it comes complete with a reliable and durable baking set. This allows you to bake all kinds of different dishes from pies, to large cup cakes. This unique kitchen appliance has value written all over it.

    Air Fryer Recipe Book Included
    In addition to receiving the baking set you can also learn how to cook and bake Avalon Bays favorite dishes, as they have included a 52-Page recipe book with this AirFryer. It includes snack, appetizers, main dishes and desert recipes.  It also  provides ingredients and step-by-step instructions.

    Outstanding Results With An Air Fryer
    If your looking for crispy, easy, tender, delicious and amazing results then you need the Avalon Bay AB-AIRFRYER200SS 3.7QT AirFryer. Avalon Bay guarantees great tasting fries without the oil!

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction.

    1. 1 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty
    2. Up To 30 days to return your purchase
    3. Money back guaranteed
    4. Free return shipping
    5. No restocking fees

    • Model: AB-AirFryer200SS
    • UPC: 853138006013
    • Product Type: Oil-Less Airfryer
    • Product Dimensions: L: 13.50" x W: 11.00" x H: 12.75"
    • Product Weight: 11.00 lbs.
    • Product Color: Stainless Steel
    • Application: Multicooker, Choose from Grilling,Roastiing, Frying or Baking.
    • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty
    • Timer: Yes
    • Timer Length: 30 Minutes
    • Voltage: 120 volts
    • Dishwasher Safe: Yes
    • Watts: 1400 watts
    • Maximum Temperature: 400 Degrees
    • Adjustable Thermostat: Yes
    • Display Type: LED
    • Certifications: ETL
    • Overheat Protection: Yes
    • Automatic Shutoff: Yes
    • Removable Basket: Yes
    • Non Stick Pot: Yes
    • Additional Features: Non Slip Feet
    • Product Type: Digital
    • 52 Page Air fryer recipe book included
    • Hassle free & easy clean up with dishwasher safe parts
    • Includes a durable and multi use 2 piece baking set
    • LED Display ad Touchsceen Control Panel
    • Non-stick mesh metal basket helps provide extra crispy results.
    • Rapid Air Circulation Technology which circulates hot air with speed and precision for perfect results
    • Safety Element: 30 minute timer & non slip feet
    • Temperature control of 200-400°F
    • 1 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty
    • Avalon Bay AB-AIRFRYER200SS Air Fryer:
    • Learn about the Avalon Bay Air Fryer 200SS:
    • Air Fryer Video Tutorial: Oil-Less Cooking with the AB-Airfryer200SS:

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    Why did you buy this item?
    Attractive price and features.
    - SHASHIDHARA B. on 09-04-2015
    Better price
    - Raghu N. on 09-14-2015
    Opting for a healthier lifestyle without going on a cold turkey diet.
    - Edwin P. on 10-12-2015
    Want to try this new technology with baking, cooking and see how well the food turns out and tastes. Seemed like a good product for the cost to check out air-frying. If it works will save a lot of energy from not having to use the oven.
    - Catherine B. on 09-28-2015
    Good size and good price... Got reviews that compare favorably to more expensive air fryers...
    - P M. on 10-30-2015
    Good reviews and good price! Hope it lasts a while, and does it's job well. Fingers crossed!
    - Dulanjan K. on 11-11-2015
    Appearance & model
    - Rowena B. on 11-15-2015
    Recommended by rpod Facebook group
    - Robert H. on 11-19-2015
    - jacob l. on 11-26-2015
    My neighbor had one...I had to get it asap!
    - debbie m. on 12-01-2015
    price, great deal
    - Walter C. on 11-30-2015
    My hubby wants a deep fryer for Christmas and he believes the air method is healthier.
    - Susan W. on 12-01-2015
    fried/grilled/baked food without the calories!!! Hell yeah
    - Hena S. on 12-03-2015
    To cook oil-free food
    - NAVEENKUMAR N. on 12-04-2015
    customer review
    - jun C. on 12-09-2015
    healthier option, latest model, great value at this price point!
    - Kimberly S. on 12-08-2015
    better way to cook fried foods
    - Zina H. on 12-08-2015
    best choice
    - Jukka N. on 12-13-2015
    Price, function and other user's comments
    - Changqing S. on 12-16-2015
    - Nathaniel S. on 12-15-2015
    Wanted to try an air fryer
    - Lee J. on 12-20-2015
    - Fred S. on 01-03-2016
    compared to phillips air fryer based on reviews this was a better buy
    - STEVE D. on 01-05-2016
    for the price and design
    - Hiroko N. on 01-08-2016
    I wanted to have a better, safer, and cleaner frying experience.I read that the digital display was easier to use than the analog.
    - Lisa C. on 01-14-2016
    Healthy cooking
    - Ingrid R. on 01-20-2016
    I absolutely love this. When I first received it as a gift I thought what m I going to do with this. After one use I knew I had to get this product for all my family members
    - Betty N. on 01-24-2016
    Trying to eat food I like in a healthy cooking style
    - Kim M. on 01-29-2016
    I find the com0arative explanation credible and informative
    - Antonio D. on 02-05-2016
    - RICHARD S. on 02-13-2016
    more accessories are needed... where to find them ?
    - rl c. on 09-23-2015
    We should be getting more accessories packs in October 2015.
    - Christine M. on 09-24-2015
    Why doesn't this model have the carrying handle on top like the 100 model has?
    - Anonymous on 09-30-2015
    This unit has a stainless steel on the top and does not have the handle . This unit is still very lightweight and portable.
    - Christine M. on 09-30-2015
    What's the 3 pc baking set mentioned under the warranty box?
    - Anonymous on 10-10-2015
    What's the difference between this model and 100B ($20 cheaper)?
    - Anonymous on 10-19-2015
    What's the difference between this model and 100B ?
    - Anonymous on 11-15-2015
    The AB-AirFryer200SS , Stainless Steel Model has a digital read out and timer.
    - Christine M. on 11-20-2015
    one is digital dial the other is manual.
    - philip w. on 11-16-2015
    W stands for white, B is for Black
    - Sandra B. on 12-03-2015
    Hi there, What about the need of the extra accessories kit?
    - roberto r. on 02-03-2016
    I use the grill all the time for steaks and pork chops. Just baked a cake I the bucket and have made frittatas in the small pan. Used them all. Glad I got them.
    - Robert H. on 02-03-2016
    I bought the accessories kit, but so far we haven't used it... It is mainly for using when baking and, so far, we've only fried food in the air fryer...
    - P M. on 02-03-2016
    I bought the extra accessories and have only used the rack, so far. It gives me extra cooking space.
    - Libby M. on 02-03-2016
    Hi Roberto, As Alfonso mentioned, there shouldn't be any accessories that you need. The unit is usable out of the box.
    - Mark S. on 02-03-2016
    We haven't had the need for any of the accessories. everything we've cooked have fit in the air fryer.
    - Alfonso R. on 02-03-2016
    We haven't needed an extra accessory kit yet. We have fried fries..wings..cheese fries...left over sandwiches (crisp them right back up). So many things can be fried in there without an accessory kit.
    - debbie m. on 02-05-2016
    I was glad I got it as I can bake mini brownies, and just cook up more items with the accessories.
    - Catherine B. on 02-05-2016