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Stadler Form A-113 ZeroCalc Humidifier Descaler

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Availability: Discontinued
Our Price: $9.99
  • Contains 3 Satchets
  • Removes Hard Water Mineral Deposits
  • Restores Humidifer Functionality


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Stadler Form A-113 ZeroCalc Humidifier Descaler
Stadler Form A-113 ZeroCalc Humidifier Descaler is a pack of cleaning satchets created to help you descale and clean off built up mineral residue in your Stadler Form humidifier. These cleaning packets are designed to bring new life back into your Stadler Humidifier by removing potentially damaging mineral build up from your humidifiers filter. These cleansing packets are great for those who know they have hard water and have been using it within their Stadler Humidifier. This pack contains 3 satchets, and requires little effort to use. If you're humidifier isn't working like it used to, and you're looking to bring it back to its original form, the Stadler Form A-113 ZeroCalc Humidifier Descaler is the perfect choice.

Why descale a humidifier?
Over time hard water, or mineral rich water, causes humidifiers to build up mineral deposits. If hard water is continually used in your humidifier, it will eventually emanate a very unhealthy irritant known as white dust. Essentially, this white dust is the gradually accumulated byproduct of mineral deposits built up in your humidifier. This nasty byproduct can aggravate existing respiratory issues or even cause new issues to develop. To avoid this, it is recommended that you clean your humidifier regularly.

Why choose Stadler Form A-113 ZeroCalc Humidifier Descaler
The Stadler Form A-113 ZeroCalc Humidifier Descaler is a collection of 3 cleaning satchets composed of a potent descaling agent that will help you remove limescale and other mineral build up from your humidifier so you can always enjoy fresh, toasty, and humid air. These cleaning packets will efficiently and effectively remove any kind of mineral deposits, thereby eliminating any chance of white dust formation. What this means is that not only will your humidifier be clean, but it can continue to operate within its intended purpose: providing you with clean, warm, and moist air so you and your lungs can relax.

Special Features Include:

  • Great for cleaning humidifiers that have been filled with hard water
  • Only 1 satchet is necessary for full cleaning
  • Package includes 3 cleaning satchets
  • Proudly made in the United States
  • Compatible with any model of Stadler Form Humidifiers
  • Simple use that only requires descaling satchet(s) and water

The Stadler Form A-113 ZeroCalc Humidifier Descaler is a great way to bring your humidifiers back to peak performance. This unit comes with 3 cleaning packets that only need some water in order to thoroughly wash any mineral deposits away. Regardless if you've had your humidifier for a very long time, or even if its brand new, the Stadler Form A-113 ZeroCalc Humidifier Descaler is a great tool to get the most out of your humidifier each and every time you use it.

  • Model: A-113
  • UPC: 00754631702351
  • Product Type: Humidifier Descaler
  • Product Dimensions: L: 3.25" x W: 1.00" x H: 7.25"
  • Product Weight: 0.60 lbs.
  • Application: A 3 pack of descaling solution to clean your Stadler Form humidifier
  • Number of Applications: 1
  • Works With: All Stadler Form Humidifiers
  • Includes: 3 Sachets
  • Removes: Mineral Build Up
  • Designed to work with all Stader Form humidifier models
  • Fantastic for removing hard water mineral build up in humidifiers
  • Helps eliminate potentially harmful white dust formation
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Only 1 satchet and warm water is needed to clean any humidifier
  • Unit comes with 3 packets of cleaning materials

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