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Guardian PSMG Medicinal Can of Preparedness Seeds

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  • 16 different plant species to cure what ails you
  • Non-GMO, non-hybrid seed stock can be replanted year after year
  • Over 27,000 individual seeds


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Guardian PSMG Medicinal Can of Preparedness Seeds so that you can stay healthy after the Man falls from power.

Those Pamphlets Were Right
You knew this day was coming. The Man has been rightly removed from power, no longer able to tell you how to express your independence. No more government propaganda to prevent you from spreading the Truth.

Be One with Gaia
Be one with Gaia, the lover, the life-giver and sow her seed in your hydroponic garden and let her children grow. In return, her offspring will provide you with holistic and medicinal herbs to keep you and your commune healthy. These seeds can keep longer than 4 years if stored properly.

For Common Ailments
The commune elder, well versed in herbalism can practice and teach others in the ways of healing. 10 species of plants will provide you the basic means to heal and fortify the bodies that inhabit this physical plane of existence.

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