PAC-FILTER-36 Replacement Filter 3-Pack for the Port-A-Cool 36 Inch Units - Increases Cooling Efficiency!

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Port-A-Cool PAC-FILTER-36 Port-A-Cool Evaporate Cooler Filter
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Harmful airborne particulates can sometimes clog your 36 inch Port-A-Cool evaporative cooler's Kuul™ cooling pads and affect the unit's cooling efficiency.

Therefore, to ensure optimal performance, regularly replace the filters in your Port-A-Cool with the PAC-FILTER-36 filter kit. Specially designed for the 36 inch units, these filters are constructed of a heavy-duty, large-surfaced filter media which has the ability to trap dirt, dust, and debris particles as small as 3.3 microns. Installation is also simple: attach the filter to the filter frame with the plastic zip ties and the filter is ready to use.

The PAC-FILTER-36 replacement filter kit includes 3 filters and is compatible with the Port-A-Cool PAC2K36HPVS, PAC2K361S, PAC2K363S, PAC2K36AD, and PAC2K36EP 36 inch models.

Note: The filter frame is not included and must be purchased separately.

Port-A-Cool® Evaporative Cooling Units are Manufactured by PORT-A-COOL, LLC., Center, Texas U.S.A.



  • Model: PAC-FILTER-36
  • Product Type: Port-A-Cool Evaporate Cooler Filter
  • Product Dimensions: L: 17.50" x W: 27.00" x H: 6.50"
  • Product Weight: 2.00 lbs.
  • Product Color: Blue
  • Application: Keeps airborne contaminants and debris from clogging the Kuul™ pads
  • Warranty: 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Product Type: Evaporative cooler filter
  • Product Quantity: 3
  • Filter Type: Dust Filter
  • Compatible Models: 36 Inch Evaporative Coolers - PAC2K36HPVS, PAC2K361S, PAC2K363S, PAC2K36AD, and PAC2K36EP


  • Filters out particulates as small as 3.3 microns
  • Prevents your Port-A-Cool from damage
  • Prolongs the life of the Kuul™ cooling pads
  • Simple to install

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Port-A-Cool PAC-FILTER-36 Port-A-Cool Evaporate Cooler Filter

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