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MovinCool OfficePro18 16,800 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with highest cooling capacity from a standard power source

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MovinCool OfficePro18 16,800 BTU Portable Air Conditioner offers a portable self-contained design that easily moves and fits into tight spaces. It's perfect for providing the spot-cooling that your office, computer room, and home need!

Powerful Cooling Power
If you need a quick and powerful spot cooling, the OfficePro18 is your solution. This unit delivers the highest cooling power possible from a standard 115V power source.  The MovinCool OfficePro18 will keep your office or server room comfortably cool with its 16,800 BTU of cooling power!

Quick and Easy Installation
You don't need expensive time consuming installation because the OfficePro18 gives you fast and simple installation. All you need to do is roll the unit to the needed area, plug it in to a standard outlet, vent the exhaust, and it's ready to start cooling! With this unit you can expect excellent performance and energy efficiency.

User-Friendly Programmable Controls
Do you want the ability to program your portable A/C without hassle? The OfficePro18 16,800 BTU Portable Air Conditioner  offers automatic operation with easy-to-use programmable controls. This feature is perfect for offices that don't run central A/C overnight or on the weekends! And by running the OfficePro18 you will save money compared to running a central air conditioning unit.

UL Listed
The MovinCool OfficePro18 has been designed with the safety of yourself and your equipment in mind. This unit is UL List because it assures safe operation.

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