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Stonegate FP-11-19-08-38-BLK Black Electric Fireplace

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List Price: $375.70
Price Break: -$86.70
Our Price: $289.00
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  • 750/1500-watt heat output
  • Fully adjustable flame effect
  • Tailor heating with built-in adjustable thermostat


Color may differ from image shown.

Stonegate FP-11-19-08-38-BLK Black Electric Fireplace provides reliable heating and an entertaining fire experience.

CSA Safety Approved
To ensure the highest level of safety, this product is CSA approved as a vote of confidence and assurance.

Beautiful Design
This unit will beautifully accentuate your existing home decor with an attractive and entertaining home heating appliance.

Control Flame Intensity
This unit is all about control so that you can tailor your comfort as well as your level of entertainment to match your needs.

Patented Flame
Enjoy additional heat and the spectacle of a fire without all of the fuss that combustion-based fireplaces require.

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