F-1300 Replacement Carbon Filter Set by Sunpentown

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Sunpentown F-1300 Carbon Filter Set
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The F-1300 carbon replacement filter helps your air conditioner work best if replaced every 6 months. The carbon filter F-1300 can help your air conditioner remove odors from your air as well as cool down your room.

Make sure you check your filters, and replace them when needed.


  • Model: F-1300
  • Product Type: Carbon Filter Set
  • Product Color: Gray
  • Application: Removes odors from the air
  • Product Type: Replacement filter
  • Product Quantity: 2
  • Filter Type: Carbon
  • Product Life: 6 months
  • Compatible Models: WA-1313E & WA-1300E/H models


  • Easily replaced
  • Easy to remove from the machine
  • Eliminates Odors from your home

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Sunpentown F-1300 Carbon Filter Set

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