Eva-Dry EDV-300 Mini Dehumidifier with Power-Free Operation

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Eva-Dry EDV-300 Mini Dehumidifier
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For a dehumidifier that uses no electricity to operate, purchase the Eva-Dry EDV-300 Mini Dehumidifier. It uses specialized engineered crystallized silica gel that is odorless, non-toxic and completely safe. Once the moisture is absorbed by the dehumidifier, it cannot leak or spill. These moisture meter crystals change from blue (when dry) to pink (when wet) to indicate when the unit needs to be renewed. The unit takes about 12-14 hours to completely renew.

The Eva-Dry EDV-300 mini dehumidifier helps protect clothes and valuables from the damaging effects of mold, mildew and moisture rot. Six to eight ounces of moisture is absorbed depending on the humidity levels and this process should take about four to eight weeks. The crystals should be active for ten years if used correctly.

Guaranteed Satisfaction.

  1. 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty
  2. Up to 30 days to return your purchase
  3. Money back guaranteed
  4. Free return shipping
  5. No restocking fees


  • Model: EDV-300
  • UPC: 832856000060
  • Product Type: Mini Dehumidifier
  • Product Dimensions: L: 2.00" x W: 6.00" x H: 5.00"
  • Product Weight: 1.00 lbs.
  • Product Color: White
  • Application: Ideal for dehumidifying closets, bathrooms and other small areas using no electricity
  • Warranty: 5-year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Dehumidification Capacity: 0.6 pints per day
  • Dehumidification Technology: Dessicant
  • Energy Star Rated: No
  • Water Tank Size: .6 pints
  • Automatic Shut-Off: No
  • Adjustable Humidistat: No
  • Timer: No
  • Drainage Options: Manual
  • Carrying Handle: No
  • Full Tank Alert: No
  • Air Filter: No
  • Built-In Air Purification System: No
  • Automatic Defrost: No
  • Casters: No
  • Control Type: Manual Dial
  • Suitable for Automobile Use: Yes
  • Suitable for Commercial Use: No
  • Wall Mountable: Yes


  • Can be renewed completely.
  • Depending on humidity levels, absorbs 6-8 ounces of moisture.
  • Does not need power to operate.
  • If used correctly, crystals remain active for ten years.
  • Mold, mildew and moisture rot is prevented from damaging your clothing.
  • Takes 8-10 hours to renew.

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4.5 Star Rating: Good
4 out of 8 customers recommend this product.
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from Victoria, B.C. Canada
5.0 Star Rating: Outstanding
I will say again this is a great little product. If you have damp, musty closets you need these in all of them. I did not buy enough the first time so had to reorder. One for every closet and under storage for out RV.
Yes, I recommend this product.

from Decatur,TN
5.0 Star Rating: Outstanding
Have used these before. Ordered enought for all closets this time. Do a great job. Cheaper then buying other types.
Yes, I recommend this product.

from Decatur, TN
5.0 Star Rating: Outstanding
I live in and old house and need these for closets, to keep out dampness.
Yes, I recommend this product.

from North Las Vegas, NV
5.0 Star Rating: Outstanding
Item is used in a gun safe and has greatly and quickly reduced the humidity. Easy to use and maintain.
Yes, I recommend this product.

from Highland, CA
4.0 Star Rating: Good
I have used the edv300 and am very pleased with the results. I use it to bring down the humidity in a desert terrarium and it works wonderful just set it on top of the terrarium and it will pull the humidity out of a small area quickly.

from Baltimore, MD
4.0 Star Rating: Good
I have it in a small bathroom and its working well, It renews quickly.

from Mendocino, CA
4.0 Star Rating: Good
The product works really well. I placed it in a bureau where I store my sweaters. They have always smelled of mildew due to the moisture - after just a few days the smell is gone

from Bradenton, FL
4.0 Star Rating: Good
It does the job, and it's easy to see when it needs to be plugged in to dry out the crystals. I have never had anything that takes moisture out of the air be so small, yet work so well, with no mess or mold! I just love it. Thanks.