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Soleus CFM40 40 Pint Room Dehumidifier with Continuous Drainage Port

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Average rating:
4.8 Star Rating: Good
3.0 Star Rating: Average
Product Construction
3.0 Star Rating: Average
Product Performance
4.7 Star Rating: Good
Easy To Use
4.3 Star Rating: Good
Noise Level
Does not last
This product is very quiet, and efficient, however after just one and a half seasons the compressor cycles on for 20 seconds and cuts out. No water collected. I need a model that does not need replacement every year.
Lived up to description as advertised
I like the compact size and easy mobility. Works great and it is really quiet. Exactly what I needed.
I bought this Soleus CFM40 2 years ago. At first it was great. But it died after 10 months. Called the company and got nowhere. After a few months, read an article about someone who bought a bad one but got a second one that worked great. So I decided to take a chance and got a second one. BIG MISTAKE! It died in 2 months. I'll NEVER touch this product again and I want the world to know about it. I can't believe the "editor" here would recommend it. What a shame! This is a big piece of garbage!!!
This product was delivered to my door with in 3 days, and I knew it would be great it had a handel to carry it. As soon as I pluged this dehumidifier in it started to work! It is quiet and has removed the smell from my basement. The main reason I purchased this product was the amount of power this dehumidifer took to do the job, and the price was also good, (Great product)
We love our new dehumidifier! Our comfort level has greatly increased. We were able to raise our thermostat setting, yet are more comfortable than before. The drip pan is easy to dump, we empty it once or twice a day. Simply place thumbs over tray and pull with finger tips. The dust screen easily pops out to clean and rinses clean with warm water. Unit is also to carry from room to room. Thanks for the descriptions and reviews that helped us choose this.
I am exceptionally happy with this purchase. I ordered it after getting off work (2nd shift) at around midnight on a Wednesday eve - it arrived by 1 p.m. Friday. When I read that it was "quiet" I thought 'yea, right'. When it is set to quiet mode I can't hear the thing unless I'm within ten inches of the machine. I bought it to balance the humidity produced by using a swamp cooler in the room. It's a reasonably economical solution - do the math: 100 watts for the swamp cooler + 220-320 watts (depending on setting for the dehumidifier) v.s. 900 watts at 11 amps for an air conditioner.
I use the product in my bedroom. It is so quiet and does bother me at all. It does a nice job controlling the humidity and keeping the air in my room just right.
I can't say enough about the Soleus CMF40 dehumidifier! This device has completely eliminated the excess moisture and mold/mildew problem in our bathroom. The wheels make it easy to move from room to room on the hardwood floor (have to pick it up on the carpet, but it does have a carry handle). The adjustable settings and automatic shut-off when the catch basin is full are very convenient, and it runs almost silently all night. Wish I had bought it sooner! I'd have saved myself years of dealing with sweaty windows and mold/mildew. Sure glad to have it now!
A pipe had been leaking in a wall in our house and there was quite a bit of water damage plus mold and mildew. We needed a dehumidifier. This one sucks up a lot of water and is super quiet. We are very happy.
I wanted a dehumidifier that would work in low temps. This one does, very nice unit.
water for a great product and excellent service!
This machine keeps the humidity down great. It is so quiet that I bought a second one to put in my bedroom. I need this because of health reasons and was glad to find one that was small, quiet and a reasonable price.
We had a mold issue in our bedroom. We did a lot of research on dehumidifiers and chose this one and we are very happy we did. We love it. Every morning we wake up to a full tank of water. We didn't realize how much moisture was in the air until we started using the dehumidifer. We chose the Soleus CFM40 Dehumidifier because it was rated one of the quiet ones out there and we have found that to be true. It is very easy to use and the tank is easy to empty as well. I don't think we will have mold issues anymore.
Use in finished basement with direct water disposal. Does remove dampness, but does not seem to shut off even though have set for medium humidity level and no more moisture is seen in the plastic hose connected to sewer.
I purchased this product for the basement. It has done a great job with collecting water! No more smells and more comfortable living. This product is easy to use and is easy to dispense the water tray. Would recommend this product to anyone. Fast shipping too!
Water Inc.
I have been using my new dehumidifier for about a month. So far I am very pleased with the quietness and the functionality. I use the unit in my finished basement of about 1800 sq. ft. I was impressed with the on-line ordering and shipping. I received my unit within a week and the process was very user-friendly.
I have never had a dehumidifier that runs so quietly. We use it in our basement and no more musty smell.
The unit is still working very well! As soon as I am able I will have to replace a dehumidifier that stopped working in the storage area. I have my holiday decorations, and items I love in there. But I am, very happy with the unit I purchased!
Unit is very quiet. Very good performance in such a small package. We have had it hooked up for about a month now and our basemant is not humid. Especially for the price, I could not find anything locally that compares.
Excellent machine. Very quiet. Keeps our entire basement dry. Much superior to our present machine, which, although very new, I will now discard. The 40 pt. reservoir is a bit awkward and heavy to decant. At present it doesn't matter if I spill a bit because the machine is on concrete. Next summer I'll probably buy a 20 pt. one for upstairs. Hopefully the smaller reservoir will be easier to empty. This depends if the machine is able to function when placed on broadloom.
Overall, the CFM40 does everything I need it to do. It is quiet, quick and efficient. The main problem I have with other dehumidifiers is the amount of heat they throw off. I have noticed a distinct improvement with this model, and would gladly reccomend it to others.
Thank you again for your marvelous product.
Good product; living up to its name. Due to moisture content in our home we should have gotten one sooner. We like its portability allowing us to move it from room to room. Would gladly recommend it to anyone.
We're impressed with the quality the and size. It gives us pleasure to recommend your product.
We live in an extremely humid area (mid Missouri) and our sun room/porch which is approximately 35' by 14' is paneled with rehab barn wood. Over the years it had picked up a strong musty and damp odor. After an hour of running the dehumidifier we had over an inch of water, by the late afternoon it was full, the auto shutoff worked perfectly. We've added the hose to let it drain automatically. I'd say after a week of running the dehumidifier the odor was greatly reduced and now after two weeks it actually smells fresh when you walk through the room. I've recommended the unit to a few friends who have experienced my porch pre dehumidifier and I believe they've decided to order for their own troubled areas. Ordering from the company is fast, easy and they reduce waste by sending the package in the original box rather than stuffing into a packing box. Arrived in perfect condition, but get the impression that had it not, they would have made it right.
From one review reader to another: Before buying this dehumidifier I read all the current reviews (34 reviews at that time) and I came to the conclusion that it only had one tiny problem. Namely that it was a little troublesome to empty out when full. This is not true. As long as you know that there is water in the container anyone should know to use a gentle hand; even a glass of water requires a certain amount of control. This is all I have to say. I have only used the Soleus CFM40 40 Pint Room Dehumidifier for a week, however I strongly recommend it, and to anyone that is still in doubt: Buy this product! It is just as good as the noisy dehumidifiers out there! I don't understand why this product doesn't cost more. The price I used to pay for preventing mold during the humid summer was that unbearable noise. I am extremely satisfied!
Ordering, easy. Delivery time, great. Condition upon delivery, perfect. It has a quiet button the others I have don't so I use this one in the finished part of my basement. Just one thing. It's in an area I can't attach a hose to, (which is a very needed option). It does not have a regular handle to carry the pail, so I have to keep it mounted of the floor. Other then that, it's easy to use and set up. I love it, it's great!! Thank you. I'm glad I found your web site.
This dehumidifier is whisper quiet and performs exceptionally well. I use it in a 900 sq ft space and it keeps the area extremely dry and comfortable. The scroll compressor technology should provide a long and trouble free work life. The light weight unit with a handle on top allows for easy movement as desired. Buy this product and don't worry a bit, it will easily exceed your expectations. Well worth the money!
My first modern dehumidifier, this is a top of the line and very quiet model. I have been using it in a hot city apartment that has a good piano in it, and it has effectively improved the room's humidity level. Shuts off when full as described. Of course all dehumidifiers put out some heat, and I wish this was not the case. But that's how they work. I like the Star Wars look of the model, and the setting features. I will eventually be using this unit in a house setting.
I love the quiet operation of this unit, and it works great. My problem is that I bought it to use in my vacation trailer, and every time I go back, the unit has cut itself off and did not restart. I consulted the owner's manual, and I think that the 90 degree cutoff is the problem. The manual states that to protect the unit, it will not operate when temperatures are in the 90's and this summer has been very warm. So when I'm there, everything's cool, but I wish the unit was smart enough to restart after the temperature comes down to an acceptable level (if, indeed, that is the problem and not some other malfunction. Overall, I am satisfied with the performance, it just does not serve the purpose I had in mind when I bought it.
Water Inc.
Use the Soleus CFM40 Dehumidifier in a basement during the summer in New England where mold can grow very quickly in a just a day. Dehumidifier performs as advertised - very quiet and efficient. The humidity in the basement is gone. Only downfall is the space is 1300 sq ft and I may need another one to fully cover the area. Would like to hook up hose so as to avoid the daily (or 2x daily) dumping of the water as the bin is rather small. Overall, the Soleus CFM 40 Dehumidifier is highly recommended.
This products works very well and is quiet and efficient. When I had a problem with the unit because the water storage bin jammed against the full water switch when I put it back a little carelessly, the company replaced the unit in short order and the method to do that was painless and efficient. I would buy another product from this company.
This product is working great for us. We placed it in our 1200 square foot open basement and it has kept the humidity under control very well for the past 6 weeks. We still have not hooked the unit directly to a drain but plan to do that in the near future.
My story is probably similar to many others. Over the years, I have purchased several different brands of dehumidifiers from the big box stores to keep my basement humidity below 60%. Typically they are as loud as a chainsaw and fail within a few years. To get them serviced/repaired was almost impossible and cost prohibitive. This device is clearly different. The quality is readily apparent and I can't believe how quiet it is. The scroll type compressor is much better than the standard compressors on the market and should last quite a bit longer due to the superior engineering. This unit is working wonderfully keeping an area of about 1000 sq ft very comfortable. I highly recommend this unit.
I am most surprised and pleased at how really quiet this unit is, especially in comparison to my old one. I used clear plastic tubing and I was struck by how much moisture was removed in such a short period of time. I am very glad that I purchased the CFM40. I am using it in my vacation trailer which is often unused for days at a time, and I got tired of the dampness and smell when I would re-open the trailer; problem solved.
Living in Mississippi in the summer is as close to being in the Amazon as I care to get. The Soleus Dehumidifier has made a big difference in the humidity factor of our home.
I bought this product for quiet and ease of use....I definitely got a great product!
Pleased in Cary
Super service on order. Arrived right on schedule. The dehumidifiers are working great. For first couple weeks we are collecting the water in the container tank supplied so we know how much water is being condensed. Amazed at how much is being condensed. Later we plan to connect a hose running to drain so we don't need to empty the container. Used an amp meter to monitor amp draw. It is right where the info specified. Way lower than our old dehumidifiers being recycled. Thanks for good service and good product.
The product is very quiet and seems to be doing the comment we would make is the water bucket is hard to deal with...bulky to handle...other then that we are happy :)
Soleus extremely quiet and efficient. BUT water container is too small and cutoff allows too much water to collect which slops out when removing container from unit....water container also lacks fold down handle. Alas, have moved super quiet Soleus into unfinished basement to use hose drain AND have returned a noisier dehumidifier back to original spot which was temporarily supplanted by Soleus. Quietness does not overcome short comings.
Unit delivers as advertised. It is quiet and efficient. Came highly recommended to me and I am very pleased with the overall performance of the unit
The unit is very quiet, easy to empty and does a great job.
Thank you.
Water Inc too...very good price and you will get it sent to you so fast! We are very very pleased!
Now have 2 units in house, one in bathroom and one in kitchen. Both are quiet and help to keep the humidity low.
I now have two Soleus CFM40 units, one in bathroom and one in kitchen. Keeps humidity down low. Much quieter than other brands.
It's hard to remove the tank, and as it has no lid, water spills when transporting it to sink. I suppose it would be fine if I could use the continuous drain option, but that doesn't work in my house.
Service at Air-n-Water was helpful, courteous, good information....and very nice employees. Thank you so much!
I have a very small room, 80 sq ft, very high humidity. On the first day following installation of the Soleus Dehumidifier, the humidity dropped by 20 points. Very effective and clean and easy to use and install.
Water was a wonderful supplier. Answered all my questions over the phone, were willing to demonstrate or let me open the box to see it, carried it to my car for me, and said to call if I had any problem or question as to its operation.
We love the quiet operation. It seems to pull a good amount of water out. We use a clear drain tube, so the awkward bucket doesn't affect us. It's a keeper!
Thanks, Soleus, for a great product!
Quiet and efficient. It does all that is promised. I have had other dehumidifiers and none worked anywhere nearly as efficient as this. I have just purchased my second unit for another area in my home.
We use this product in the upstairs bathroom where humidity is a big factor. It keeps our bath very dry without introducing a heat loss that is affiliated with an exhaust fan on a cold winter day. The mirror is dry and the bathroom is toasty. It's also compact and small enough for a tight area. If I could change one option it would be a front intake instead of a rear. So far it has been a very wise investment that we are pleased with.
Works great, use it everyday in my tool room that's beside my basement and under my cold carport. When it's cold out there always dampness in the tool room. On the ceiling you can see little drops of water all over the ceiling. With the heater and dehumidifier its keeping down the dampness. I have to empty the dehumidifier of water every day because it's full off water need to run a hose outside sometime, its pulling the dampness out the air. Working good.
This dehumidifier works just as well as others have in the past but is much quieter. I can sleep soundly when it's on.
Product is powerful and removes lots of moisture from the air in our finished basement. Before buying the Soleus, we were replacing other brands of dehumidifiers every year because they broke down. We expect the Soleus will work for many years to come. So far we can say this is an excellent product.
We spend six months of the year in the redwood forest near the ocean front. As a result, we have quite a bit of humidity in our motor home. The CFM 40 dehumidifier is quiet and efficient. Removes the moisture from the air and does it silently.
There was too much humidity in my basement after a wet fall! It's working extremely well. No problems. Exactly as advertised. easy to uncrate and get going. It's sleek. Not too big. Perfect for the space in which I had planned to use it. It is efficient, quiet. Turns off when water is to be removed. Easy operation.
I knew this was the best model on the market and it's outstanding! It's easy to operate and emptying the tank is a cinch!
I purchased this unit because I needed to dehumidify the basement of our house. When I received the product, I was impressed by its sleekness. The unit is entirely self-contained with no exposed water collection reservoir. In terms of operation, it's working quite well so far and there are no problems at all. It runs surprisingly quiet for the superb job it's doing. I would recommend this product to others and would probably rate it 9.5 or higher out of 10.
I purchased this product because I wanted to take the dampness out of my basement. When I received the product, I couldn't believe how light and compact it was! It's great! I would recommend this product to others.
I purchased this Soleus dehumidifier because I read several reviews and your company came out on top. There was good information on your products too. Your shipping and return policies were very easy to understand and shipping was very fast; the product arrived in perfect condition. After four hours of use, my walls and windows were dry - first time ever!
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Improve your comfort and reduce household humidity with the Soleus CFM40 40 pint room dehumidifier!  Our editor's pick for performance, this powerful dehumidifier covers areas up to 500 square feet.  The Soleus CFM40 can also work in rooms as cold as 36° F and is one of the quietest compressor-driven units available. 

Portable Design
The Soleus CFM40 dehumidifier has easy-glide casters to allow for portability from room to room. 

Continuous Drainage
For even greater convenience, connect a hose to the CFM40's continuous drainage port and forget about emptying buckets! 

Quiet Operation
The Soleus CFM40 dehumidifier is equipped with a rotary compressor that's ultra-quiet. It's also one of the only dehumidifiers available that's quiet enough to use in a bedroom. 

Adjustable Humidistat
An adjustable humidistat allows you to choose your level of dehumidification to meet the needs of individual rooms.

Washable Air Filter
The CFM40's washable air filter ensures maximum performance by keeping dust away from the dehumidifier so it can do its job effectively.

Guaranteed Satisfaction.

  1. Up To 30 days to return your purchase
  2. Money back guaranteed
  3. Free return shipping
  4. No restocking fees

  • Model: CFM40
  • UPC: 647568952404
  • Product Type: 40 Pint Room Dehumidifier
  • Application: Improves your comfort and reduces household humidity
  • Warranty: 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Watts: 350 watts
  • Amps: 1.8 amps
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Noise Level: 43 dB
  • Dehumidification Capacity: 40 pints per day
  • Dehumidification Technology: Compressor
  • Energy Star Rated: No
  • Water Tank Size: 12.7 pints
  • Automatic Shut-Off: Yes
  • Operating Temperature: 36 to 98°F
  • Adjustable Humidistat: Yes
  • Timer: No
  • Drainage Options: Manual
  • Hose Connection: Yes
  • Carrying Handle: Yes
  • Full Tank Alert: Yes
  • Air Filter: Yes
  • Built-In Air Purification System: No
  • Automatic Defrost: Yes
  • Casters: Yes
  • Control Type: Electronic
  • Suitable for Automobile Use: No
  • Suitable for Commercial Use: No
  • Wall Mountable: No
  • Editor's pick for performance!
  • Automatic shut-off prevents tank overflow
  • Can be continuously drained
  • Covers areas up to 500 square feet
  • Features lightweight and portable design
  • Operates quietly - great for bedroom use
  • Soft touch controls for easy operation
  • CFM40 Video Overeview:

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