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Shop-Vac 9034900 Pre-Filter for Cartridge Filter

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Keep your industrial vacuum running as it should with the Shop-Vac 9034900 pre-filter.  Each package comes with 5 filters, so you don't have to worry about running out in the middle of cleaning up a large mess.  These filters are specially designed to fit over your cartridge filter.  This helps protect the cartridge filter and prevent clogging.  It also helps extend the life of your vacuum by preventing particles from getting into crucial parts of the unit.

The Shop-Vac 9034900 pre-filter is compatible with the Shop-Vac 9030400 cartridge filter and the Shop-Vac 8500110, 8500210, 9622110, 9623810, 9623910, 9624610, 9624710, 9624910, 9700510. 9840310, 9252310, 9609710, 9252810, 9252910, 9609810, 9256310, 6101210, 6101610, 6105010, and 9609910 vacuums.

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