Shop-Vac 9010700 Reusable Disc Filters and Mounting Ring

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Shop-Vac 9010700 Reusable Disc Filters with Mounting Ring
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The Shop-Vac 9010700 reusable disc filters and mounting ring package is designed to save you time and money.  It comes with 3 reusable disc filters and a mounting ring.  The mounting ring helps your Shop-Vac vacuum pick up larger, dry debris and materials.  Each filter is made of washable material, so you can reuse them.

The Shop-Vac 9010700 filters feature a special design that's compatible with the Shop-Vac 1 x 1, HangUp Vac, AllAround, Original Series, Ultra Pump, Ultra Pro Series, QSP Series, QSP Plus, QSP Pro, QPV Pump, Blower, Ultra Blower, Quiet Series, Quiet Plus, or Quiet Deluxe.

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  3. Money back guaranteed
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  • Model: 9010700
  • Product Type: Reusable Disc Filters with Mounting Ring
  • Application: Reusable disc filter and mounting ring allows for easier pick-up of larger, dry debris
  • Product Type: Replacement Filter
  • Reusable Filter: Yes
  • Compatible With (Manufacturer's Part Number): 9058500


  • Comes with a mounting ring for added convenience
  • Ideal for use with the Shop-Vac 9058500 foam sleeve
  • Includes 3 reusable filters, so you'll never run out
  • Reusable design saves time and money
  • Specially designed for use with Shop-Vac vacuums
  • Washable material allows you to use the filters again and again

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Shop-Vac 9010700 Reusable Disc Filters with Mounting Ring

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