Fire Sense 60450 HotSpot Large Yakatori Charcoal Grill

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Fire Sense 60450 HotSpot Large Yakatori Charcoal Grill
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Prepare a delicious meal with the Fire Sense 60450 HotSpot large yakatori charcoal grill.  This grill comes in a two tone black and white finish and boasts a traditional Japanese street grill design.  It's very efficient and comes with many handy features.  You'll love the tender and juicy food you prepare with this amazing grill!

Clay Construction
This charcoal grill is handmade from clay.  The clay is high fired and holds a lot of heat, making it perfect for cooking at high temperatures.

The Fire Sense 60450 HotSpot charcoal grill features ventilator refractory briquettes and adjustable vents.  These features help keep the coals burning and your food cooking at an even temperature.

The Fire Sense HotSpot charcoal grill is very efficient.  It saves you time with its quick and easy set-up.  It also features a large cooking surface which allows you to prepare more food at one time.

Center Divider
With the Fire Sense 0450 HotSpot charcoal grill, you can grill at two different temperatures with the center divider.  This allows you to prepare two different dishes at one time.

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  • Model: 60450
  • UPC: 690730604502
  • Product Dimensions: L: 10.24" x W: 17.73" x H: 7.09"
  • Product Weight: 17.60 lbs.
  • Application: For grilling your favorite meats and vegetables
  • Fuel Type: Charcoal
  • Style: Table top , Portable
  • Grill Shape: Rectangular
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Includes: Handle


  • Comes with a large cooking surface for your convenience
  • Control the airflow with the adjustable vents
  • Features a center divider to allow two different cooking temperatures
  • Handmade with clay for a quality construction
  • Ventilator refractory briquettes keep the coals going and your food cooking
  • Well ventilated for even grilling

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