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Bayou Classic 500-515 Cypress Charcoal Grill

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The Bayou Classic 500-515 Cypress charcoal grill is perfect for grilling, barbecuing, smoking and baking. It is built for endurance and usability and comes with a pre-assembled lid, body and hinge attachment. The 500-515 charcoal grill is a beautiful, useful and subtle addition to your backyard kitchen.

Handcrafted Cypress Leaf Design
The Bayou Classic 500-515 Cypress charcoal grill features a unique and distinctly different pattern and texture that accentuates its character.

Kamado Grilling Made Accessible
The 500-515 charcoal grill features a rounded ceramic element that creates an intense pressure that seals in moisture as radiating heat circulates and penetrates the food.

Conserves Charcoal
The insulating quality of the ceramic allows food to be cooked with only a small consumption of charcoal.

Adjustable Vents
This charcoal grill includes adjustable vents that control temperature accuracy.

Durable Construction
The 500-515 features all stainless steel hardware, including grates and a black enamel coating that won't rust or burn.

*Grill base and cart sold separately.

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