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Real Flame 3710 Rutherford Gel Fireplace with Media Storage

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Enjoy the fireplace experience in a clean eco-friendly way with the Real Flame 3710 Rutherford gel fireplace. This fireplace offers superior warmth and great media storage that's guaranteed to complement home decor too!

Great Coverage
Enjoy widespread heating with the Real Flame 3710 Rutherford gel fireplace. Offering 9,000 BTU of heating, this fireplace can effectively warm a 200 sq. ft. area.

Zero Emissions
The Real Flame 3710 gel fireplace burns clean, emitting no smoke, ash, or soot. Enjoy superior heating in a clean and efficient manner, a feature that makes this fireplace perfect for any home.

Long-Lasting Gel Fuel
Stay warm for hours on a chilly summer night. The Real Flame 3710 Rutherford gel fireplace burns 3 cans of gel fuel at once to not only heat a large room but to keep spreading warmth for up to 3 hrs.

Optimized Storage
The Real Flame 3710 Rutherford gel fireplace is the perfect addition to any family room. Its durable mantel can hold a flat screen T.V., and there's plenty of storage for all of your media components.

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