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Holly & Martin 37-054-023-6-12 Calgary Electric Fireplace With Faux Slate Tiles

List Price: $844.99
Price Break: -$195.00
Our Price: $649.99
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With the beautiful construction of the Holly & Martin 37-054-023-6-12 Calgary electric fireplace, there is no need for heaters that do not add to the decor of the home. 1500 watts will heat any area of 150 square feet with ease. Take advantage of this unit's quick and efficient heating capabilities.

Well Built
Boring old heaters are a thing of the past. This model is constructed with engineered wood, as well as real China oak. A ash veneer and polyresin adds to the durability of the product. Simulated fake tile accents and elegant scroll work frames the firebox, creating a beautiful faux fireplace that everyone will admire.

Easy Remodelling
Remodelling a house, or even just one room, can be a huge undertaking. That's why the Holly & Martin 37-054-023-6-12 Calgary electric fireplace heater is such a great choice. The unit can be plugged in any standard electrical outlet for effortless set up. Only minor assembly is required, meaning a great do-it-yourself project with no contractor necessary.

Environmentally Sound
Fireplaces are a great addition to the home, but the possible contaminants brought into the home can often be an issue. This ventless fireplace produces zero emissions because it requires no wood or fossil fuels. Heat the home in an eco-friendly way.

Cut Energy Costs
The Holly & Martin 37-054-023-6-12 Calgary electric fireplace is completely energy efficient. Ideal for heating individual rooms, bringing this unit into a room will cut down on energy expenses typically used to heat homes.

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