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Holly & Martin 37-014-084-6-12 5000 BTU Akita Electric Fireplace Media Console

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Relax & enjoy the comfort a fireplace provides with the Holly & Martin 37-014-084-6-12 electric fireplace & media console. You can have all the benefits a real fireplace provides without all the inconveniences. This electric fireplace will keep you warm with 5000 BTUs of power while giving you a great ambiance. However, you won't have to worry about the hassle of cleaning up ash and soot. This makes the Holly & Martin fireplace a perfect addition to any home.

Media Storage
The great thing about this unit is it also double as a media center. It can hold a flat screen TV that is up to 50" in size. The open shelf can house all your media equipment or gaming consoles and features two openings for cord management. Also, the two side shelves can hold your CDs and DVDs.

Safety to Use
You can have piece of mind knowing this fireplace is safe to use. It features a safety thermal overload protector which ensures the unit won't get too hot. Also, the glass remains cool to the touch so you won't have to worry about curious fingers getting burned.

Environmentally Friendly
The Holly & Martin 37-014-084-6-12 electric fireplace and media stand is good for the environment. It produces zero emissions or pollutants. Also, since no fire wood or fossil fuels are consumed it's eco-friendly

Energy Efficient
This is a very energy efficient way to warm your space because it uses about the same amount of energy as a coffee maker. It's 100% energy efficient with very low operating costs which means savings on your electric bill. You'll also save money by not having to purchase fuel or wood.

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