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Real Flame 3150-LO Camden 45 " Ventless Gel Fireplace with Light Oak Finish

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Enjoy the relaxing pleasure of a real fire without the inconvenience and expense of a traditional wood fireplace. The Real Flame 3150-LO Camden Ventless Gel Fireplace features classic American Colonial style in a light oak finish. And since it burns Real Flame gel fuel, you can install it anywhere in your home without worrying about chimneys, vents, soot or ashes.

Beautiful, Mess Free Flames
The Real Flame 3150-LO Camden gel fuel fireplace creates bright yellow, orange and red flame by burning jelled alcohol. The gel is non-toxic and clean burning, and leaves no soot or ashes behind. Just toss the can when you're done!

Wall or Corner Design
The Real Flame Camden gel flame fireplace is fully configurable as a wall or corner fireplace. Just attach an additional piece to the mantel for corner display. The Camden can go anywhere in the room, without having to worry about a chimney or vent.

Traditional Home D??cor
The classic appeal of American Colonial styling and light oak finish make the Real Flame 3150-LO Camden ventless fireplace an attractive centerpiece of your home decor.

Economical Room Heat
The Real Flame 3150-LO Camden gel fireplace produces up to 3,000 BTUs of heat per hour, enough to provide comfortable supplementary heat to your room for costs as low as $1.05 per hour.

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