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Picnic Time 208-40 Champion Deluxe Picnic Basket with Service for Two

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  • Buckle closure and lock
  • Carry handle
  • Durable basket design


Enjoy an afternoon outdoors with this Picnic Time 208-40 Champion deluxe picnic basket. This picnic basket has everything you need for any occasion.

Lots of Storage
Plan an outdoor date and pack enough for two. This Picnic Time 208-40 Champion deluxe picnic basket is large enough to carry your meal and a bottle of wine. It's an ideal way to spend a warm day outdoors.

Service for Two
This Picnic Time 208-40 Champion deluxe picnic basket includes full service for two. Plates, flatware, wine glasses, napkins, and even a handy corkscrew come with this basket, so you can an afternoon for two any where you want.

Durable Design
The Picnic Time deluxe picnic basket is well-crafted in a traditional basket design that's durable. The interior is fully lined for easy cleaning and to keep all your items in good conditions during transport.

Secure Closure
With the Picnic Time Champion deluxe picnic basket all of your items are securely locked in place. Featuring straps to contain all service items and buckle closure on the outside, packing and securing your outdoor meal is easy.

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