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Arctic King 14982-01143 25,000 BTU Slide Out Air Conditioner

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  • 25,000 BTU
  • Cools, Dehumidifies, and Vents
  • Slide Out Air Conditioner
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Arctic King 14982-01143 25,000 BTU Slide out Air Conditioner
The Arctic King 14982-01143 25,000 BTU Slide out Air Conditioner will provide you with unmatched cooling power and easy installation as well as a variety of innovative features not found on other models. You are sure to love the powerful 25,000 BTU's of this slide-out air conditioner which is enough power to cool large residential or commercial spaces up to 1,500 square feet in size. This unit offers the following benefits

  • Cooling
  • Dehumidifying
  • Ventilation

Four Way Adjustable Louvers
You will love the fact that you can customize the adjustment of the four way louvers for even cooling throughout large spaces. Personalize the flow of cool air provided by the 25,000 BTU's of power and eliminate hot spots while ensuring that any space of 1,500 sure feet or smaller stays cool and comfortable no matter how hot it may be outside.

Special Features of the Arctic King 14982-01143 25,000 BTU Slide out Air Conditioner

  • Compact Design
  • Easy to Install
  • 25,000 BTU's
  • Electronic Controls
  • Filter Check Indicator

Great for Large Rooms
If you are looking for a powerful AC unit that will cool large residential or commercial rooms then you are sure to love the amazing 25,000 BTU's of power that the Arctic King 14982-01143 Slide out Air Conditioner provides. This powerful air conditioner can effectively cool off any large room up to 1,500 square feet.

3-Speed Adjustable Motor
The Arctic King 14982-01143 25,000 BTU Slide out Air Conditioner is designed to create a user friendly experience and the 3 speed motor is no exception. Customize the level of cooling power that you need by changing the speed of the motor to adjust the level at which the cool air is produced and distributed throughout the space.

Control From Across the Room
If you want convenience then the Arctic King 14982-01143 25,000 BTU Slide out Air Conditioner is perfect. This powerful 25,000 BTU air conditioner provides you with the convenience of changing the motor speed, temperature and other features from anywhere in the room without the hassle of having to get up to make the needed adjustments.

  • Model: 14982-01143
  • UPC: 814982011431
  • Product Type: 25,000 BTU Slide Out Air Conditioner
  • Product Dimensions: L: 26.50" x W: 26.56" x H: 18.63"
  • Product Weight: 122.38 lbs.
  • Product Color: White
  • Application: Powerful cooling from an air conditioner.
  • Type: Wall Air Conditioner
  • Coverage Area: 1500 square feet
  • Heater: No
  • Cooling Capacity: 25000 BTUs
  • Heat Pump: No
  • Number of Fan Speeds: 3
  • Programmable Timer: No
  • Air Conditioner Type: Cool Only
  • Air Filter: No
  • Built-In Air Purification System: No
  • Display Type: LED
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Energy Star Qualified: No
  • Compatible with Windows: No
  • Includes Window Mounting Kit: Yes
  • Adjust the flow of air with the adjustable four way louvers on the Arctic King 14982-01143
  • Cool large spaces as big as 1,500 square feet with this powerful slide out AC unit
  • Enjoy powerful cooling with the 25,000 Btu's of power produced by the Arctic King 14982-01143
  • Know when to clean the washable filer with the built in filter check indicator function
  • The cabinet of the Arctic King 14982-01143 is constructed of galvanized steel for durability
  • This powerful AC unit is lightweight and compact to ensure easy installation

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Why did you buy this item?
cooling capacity mean only one unit needed
- Matthew T. on 04-19-2014
Cost and custumer reviews
- Adriana K. on 06-23-2014
110 or 220 elictric power?
- Anonymous on 2014-04-20
This unit runs off of 115V.
- CustomerServiceSTAFF on 2014-04-22
220 power
- Neva B. on 2014-04-24
there is two different answers , which is correct does it run on 110 or 220 ?
- j,,,k on 2014-05-02
which is correct,, does it run on 110 or 220 ?
- j,,,k on 2014-05-02
The Arctic King AC runs off of a 240 volts.
- CustomerServiceSTAFF on 2014-05-02
Officially 230v , so yes a 220v special outlet is required. Also the website lists this as a wall unit, but the box says window unit and it comes with window mounting hardware, but this thing is huge so check ur window size first, I would recommend mounting through the wall though. One more thing the website says it is not energy star rated, when in fact it is. It may be helpful to get the unit model and do a google search for more acurate specs.
- Matthew T. on 2014-05-02
how does this air conditioner compair to other brands?
- phil o. on 2014-05-03
Arctic King Air Conditioners are very reliable compared to other brands. These units have a long life span, when installed and maintained correctly.
- CustomerServiceSTAFF on 2014-05-05
I am replacing a wall unit. do I need the sleeve or will the existing work?
- james w. on 2014-06-07
You would need to use the installation items the manufacturer sends with the purchase.
- CustomerServiceSTAFF on 2014-06-10