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Portacool: Eco-Friendly and Effective



What is a Portacool evaporative cooler and is it right for me?

Nature's most efficient means of cooling is through the evaporation of water. Evaportaive coolers use this method of cooling to reduce ambient temperatures by as much as 20° F. It's an efficient, cost effective method of cooling that's eco- friendly.


The way a Portacool evaporative cooler operates is simple. There is a low horsepower motor which pumps the water from the floor of the cooler to the top of the cooler. The water falls down the sides and along porous filter pads. A second motor drives a fan which pulls air from the outside, through the cooler, and then out into the hot room.

The same way the human body cools itself by prespiring, the evaporative cooler cools the air. We feel cooler when sweat evaporates. Likewise, when we get out the swimming pool and the water starts to evaporative off the body we get chilled.

With an air cooler, the air around us feels better when warm air is pushed by a large fan though moist pads. Distribution lines supply water to the pads, which is then re-circulated by a pump. This is considered an open system that relies on airflow to significantly reduce ambient temperatures.

Where can they be used?

These air coolers are an effective resource for arid environments. Because they use the process of evaporation to cool, they add moisture to the air. Humidity levels increase with use, thus eliminating any dryness associated with living in an already dry area.

It even helps soothe health conditions like dry skin, eye, and throat irritations. So if you live in an area where humidity levels are low, an air cooler is a great way to reduce temperatures and enjoy the benefits of an ideal humidity level.

 Evaportaive cooler benefits include: 

  • Use less electricity than a traditional air conditioner. For the same size area, some commercial air coolers use as much as 75% less electricity.
  • Use simple technology. As a result, they're much cheaper to buy, install and maintain.
  • In dry climates, adding moisture to the air can help keep both furniture and fabrics from drying out.
  • Adding moisture to the air can prevent skin irritations, dry eye problems, and issues associated with dry nasal passages too.
  • The moist pads in the cooler act as air filters, helping to capture and eliminate dust and other impurities and irritants while providing a constant supply of fresh air.
  • Available in a variety of sizes and can be moved around easily too.
  • Reduce indoor and outdoor temperatures

Portacool product information:

  • Environmentally friendly, using all recycled scrap plastic housings and recycled plastic in the molds to reduce waste
  • Uses an all natural cooling method and has implemented state-of-the-art technology to perfect the process
  • No harmful greenhouse gases are emitted from the units during the cooling process
  • Only tap water and 115v or 220v of electricity are needed
  • The 36" model produces cool air for eight hours for less than $1

Below is a sizing chart. Determine how much coverage you need and select a model based on that.

  Portacool Sizing Chart

Maximum Cooling Capacity



600 square feet

16" quarter HPPAC2K163S
900 square feet16" half HPPAC2K163SHD
1,000 square feet16" variable speedPAC2K16HPVS
1,800 square feet24" variable speedPAC2K24HPVS
2,500 square feet36" three speedPAC2K363S
2,650 square feet36" variable speedPAC2K36HPVS
4,000 square feet48" two speedPAC2K482S

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