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Find Allergy Relief with Portable Air Conditioners!


Do you suffer from allergies? If you're an allergy sufferer and you're looking for relief, then consider buying aportable air conditioner. Portable air conditioners are great for averting allergies.

They not only decrease humidity levels, but they can keep any room in the house cool enough to provide significant allergy relief too!

Dust mites and mold spores are two of the worst allergens. These two troublemakers thrive when temperatures and humidity levels are up. Dust mites subsist in humid environments, and mold develops wherever there's excessive moisture.

Controlling temperature and moisture levels in the air influence how dust mites breed and mold grows.  Portable air conditioners help regulate indoor temperatures and humidity levels, and therefore help allergy sufferers get their allergies under control. That's why portable air conditioners are such a great option for allergy sufferers.

According to Medical News Today, "30 % of adults and 40% of children suffer from allergies." Portable air conditioners in the home can help impede allergy symptoms. It doesn't matter if you suffer from indoor or outdoor allergies. The Mayo Clinic offers advice to allergy sufferers. They suggest closing open windows, running an air conditioner, and keeping room temperatures as low as 70° F.

According to the Mayo Clinic, humidity levels need to be as low as 50 %. Maintaining these levels will help control allergy symptoms during the warmer months. A portable air conditioner can help you reach this number. Why suffer if you don't have to. If a portable air conditioner can help relieve allergy symptoms, why not try one?

Portable Air Conditioners and Central Air Conditioning

Just because you have central air conditioning doesn't mean you won't benefit from a portable air conditioner. By now you know, one of the leading causes of allergies is dust mites and mold spores. Sometimes central air conditioners can house these on their filters. Filters can be changed, but why not have back up.

Portable air conditioners offer removable and washable filters for easy cleaning. And this filter collects the allergens your central air conditioning unit doesn't. In some cases - living in an apartment or dorm - you don't maintenance the air conditioning system. If that's the case, then having a portable air conditioner as back up is vital.

Portable air conditioners comfortably cool areas of your home that your central system doesn't reach. Not only that but if you plan on entertaining and you need a little extra cooling, portable air conditioners are great options. They can pick up the slack when your system is not running. Your central air system can use all the help it can get.

A portable air conditioner doesn't cost a lot to run; it can help cut your energy costs. You can use it to cool exclusive areas without running your central unit.

Where to use your Portable Air Conditioner


Portable air conditioners are functional in a variety of living conditions. Dorm rooms, apartments, condominiums, or  even a house can benefit from a portable air conditioner. Many places don't offer air conditioning of any kind. If that's the case, then a portable air conditioner is a great option.

No matter where you live, a portable air conditioner will keep room temperatures down, lower humidity levels, and help calm your allergies!

So - what is the best aspect of a portable air conditioner? Portable air conditioners are just that - portable. You can take it with you wherever you go! Move the unit from room to room. Most portable air conditioners are easy to transport and handle.

Are you visiting family or friends this summer? Maybe you'll need to take a portable air conditioner with you. If you're traveling, experiencing different climates, maybe staying some place with no air conditioning at all, you can use a portable air conditioner. So why not keep your room cool and control your allergies wherever you go with your own portable air conditioner!

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