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The Eight Best Places to Use Your Portable Air Conditioner


When you need to cool a room quickly and efficiently, a portable air conditioner can be a great option. Portable air conditioners have several important factors working in their favor, all of which make them perfect for use in many different types of rooms and spaces. These cooling units can work well in homes, offices, apartments, warehouses and more. Thanks to their size and the lack of installation needed, portable air conditioners can also fit nicely into almost any nook or cranny that you have available. Like many space-saving appliances,  these portable cooling units can also save you money.   

Here are eight of the very best places to use your portable air conditioner:

Your garage

Garages and workshops can be difficult areas to cool, especially since these spaces are not typically insulated. This causes the air to warm very quickly. But if you plan to spend a lot of time in your garage, then you're going to need a cooling option. Since an electric fan would simply circulate the warm air, they typically won't be able to lower the air temperature enough to make a difference. A portable air conditioner, however, can lower the temperature substantially without taking up much more space than a fan would. It's important to buy a portable air conditioner with a little more power because of the lack of insulation.

The bedroom

As sleeping is such a important part of our lives, complete comfort is absolutely essential for your bedroom. While some standard air conditioning units can be loud and obnoxious while running, many portable air conditioners can run much quieter. In particular, Sharp has a line specifically designed to run quietly. Their patented "Library Quiet" technology ensures that the portable AC will not keep you up at night or force you to choose between comfort and noise ever again.

Your basement

Basements typically are cooler than other areas of your home, but still suffer from warm, humid air over the summer months. Since basements typically do not have the window space available that a window air conditioner would require, nor the access to most central air systems, a portable air conditioner is a great alternative. Additionally, most portable air conditioners can also help to dehumidify the air, which only adds to their usability in the basement. Portable AC units are also small and mobile, so they'll fit almost anywhere in your basement.

The office

It's difficult to get anything done when you're hot and uncomfortable at work. Whether you're looking to cool your entire business or just your small corner office, a portable air conditioner will have you covered. Due to their mobility, portable air conditioners are great for office use, since you can move it from room to room to spot cool the areas that need it most. They're also compact enough to fit in any corner and can run quietly, ensuring they don't disturb anyone else in the office. 

Your dorm room

Dorm rooms can get pretty hot, especially with all these electronics humming away. Unfortunately, many dorms do not have central air, and a window unit is either not allowed or just not  feasible given your available space. Luckily, a portable air conditioner is smaller and doesn't require permanent installation. Venting is also simple and does not require as much space as a window unit. Above all, portable air conditioners are easy to move from room to room so it can go wherever the party is.

The living room 


Once again, due to their size, cooling power and lack of installation requirements, portable air conditioners are perfect for the living room in your home. In addition to cooling the room, many different portable ACs can also act as an air purifier, which will help keep the air in your living room clean and free from dust and bacteria. Not only is it a great fit for your home, but a portable air conditioner can save you space and money you'd otherwise spend on other home appliances. 

A server room

Server rooms can get very hot, thanks in part to the large number of computer parts working within a confined space. The heat generated from all the equipment can often raise the temperature of the room well beyond the recommended limits for the computer servers, which can lead to critical hardware and data problems. Not to mention that computer equipment ages quicker when hot. Some portable air conditioners are specially designed to work in server rooms, and also have the ability to act as a dehumidifier, which can further help keep your computer equipment safe.

Your studio apartment

Some might say that portable air conditioners were designed with studio apartments in mind. Thanks to their size and the lack of installation required, these cooling units are perfect for apartment living. These units are especially useful in buildings where window units are not allowed, or when there's simply not enough available space for one. If you have a studio, typically your space is at a premium, so the compact size of a portable AC is perfect for your climate control needs.

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