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Portable Cooler Applications

Why Portable Coolers?

Whether you live in a home that can't accommodate a traditional air conditioner, live in an apartment building, or need to find a way to keep your computer server room at an optimal temperature, you may be happy to learn that a portable cooler can help you stay comfortable during the blistering heat without you having to resort to costly central cooling systems or deal with ineffective fans.

Portable air conditioners and swamp coolers are the most common, efficient, and convenient cooling solutions for areas that cannot accommodate standard air conditioning. Portable air conditioners reduce temperatures via a refrigerant that carries and discharges the heat, while swamp coolers (also known as "evaporative coolers") use water and the simple process of evaporation to relocate heat. The type of cooler you choose will greatly depending on the area you wish to cool and your environment's temperature. Whether you choose a portable air conditioner or swamp cooler, rest assured that you will stay cool and comfortable.

Portable Cooler Benefits

The benefits of a portable cooler are multi-fold.  In general, portable coolers are invaluable because they're truly portable in that they can be moved from one area to the next and require little to no installation and maintenance. They can also be used in a variety of situations, including homes, apartments, classrooms, sporting venues, or even workshops and warehouses - the variety of settings is almost limitless. The following are just a few examples of where a portable cooler can be used:




Portable ACs and swamp coolers can bring you cooling comfort on hot and muggy days. Both types of coolers can be moved from one area to the next, and they don't require permanent installation. That's why portable coolers are ideal for difficultly-shaped windows or inadequate central cooling systems. Because portable air conditioners cool by removing moisture, they are more suitable for humid climates, and many advanced units will include built-in thermostats and utilize auto-evaporative technology. On the other hand, swamp coolers are better suited for arid climates, and in addition to cooling the air, they also keep your environment comfortable by adding moisture.




While state-of-the art air conditioning systems are great for staving off the sweltering summer heat, for apartment and condominium dwellers, this may not be feasible due to a number of reasons, such as odd-shaped windows, limited yard space, or restrictions on the placement of outdoor cooling units. Easy to move around, portable coolers such as portable room air conditioners or personal swamp coolers can provide almost the same cooling ability as traditional air conditioning systems, but in a compact, easy to maneuver size. Best of all, these types of portable coolers are meant to cool specific, targeted areas which can result in significant energy savings over time.


Factories, Workshops, & Industrial Areas


Regardless of the outside temperature, warehouses, processing plants, and workshops may require year-round cooling due to the fact that they are considered heat-sensitive areas.  Keeping your indoor work environment cool and your employees comfortable will bring you excellent returns in both productivity and safety.  For large, industrial areas, commercial swamp coolers such as those from Port-A-Cool may be the solution. Because they utilize evaporation, they can cost half as much to run as a traditional air conditioner.


Computer Server Rooms


Prolonged server room equipment operation at high temperatures can lead to problems such as hardware malfunction and even system failure. While cooling server rooms is necessary, there lie a few problems: central air conditioners are prone to weekend shutoffs, and because most server rooms are usually located in interior rooms, keeping these areas cool may be problematic. Portable air conditioners are ideal in these situations, as they provide reliable and effective cooling that will keep your server room consistently running. Be aware that portable air conditioners used for server rooms need to have automatic restart functions, as this will keep the units continuously running even in the case of power failure. See our server room AC guide for more information. 


Medical Facilities


Healthcare advances have prompted a need for additional cooling due to heat-generating medical equipment.  Portable coolers can be used for:

  • Outpatient Facilities

  • Operating Rooms

  • X-Ray Centers

  • Hospitals


Outdoor Events


Don't let your customers or guests suffer from the grueling summer heat.  Portable coolers such as swamp coolers are idea for the following:

  • Concerts

  • Stadiums

  • Entertainment Venues

  • Sporting Events


Schools and Offices


Heat-sensitive office systems can malfunction in hot temperatures and hinder day-to-day operations.  Portable coolers are great for the following:

  • Temporary Classrooms

  • Back-Up Cooling

  • Supplemental Cooling

  • Maintenance









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