12/21/2014 8:31:38 AMANW002accountaccountsecubuyboxdiscountSave up to 15% On Selected Items. Use Code Save15 at checkoutcserebatediscountbannerv2discountbannerv2secudiscountcolor#660000 url('http://cache.air-n-water.com/images/banners/promo-banner-save15-bak.png') repeat-xhomepagemainhours Mon-Fri: 7 AM - 5 PM PSTlogomobilebannermobilebannersecurephoneShop by Phone: 1-800-734-0405seoblurbGoing Green with a Water DispenserThe planet is on everyone's mind. We're all trying to "go green" and do our part. One of the best ways to do that is to invest in a water dispenser and stop buying flats of bottled water. Did you know that only 20% of the bottled water used is actually recycled? Instead more than 38 million empty bottles end up in the landfill, and 9 million bottles end up in the ocean to be consumed by underwater sea life. 18 million gallons of oil is used every year transporting bottled water from its source to its destination. Once there, the water is processed, packaged, and then shipped around the globe. Bottles are warehoused and delivered before finally ending up in landfills.One of the easiest ways to participate in the green movement and tackle this problem is to use a water dispenser. Why not enjoy the convenience of fresh water without harming the environment? There are a variety of water dispensers to choose from. The filtering system used provides the freshest tasting water possible. There's no need to support the production of water bottles when you can enjoy fresh water without it. There are 2 different kinds of water dispensers: point of use and bottled. Below are the benefits of each.Benefits of a POU Water DispenserNo heavy bottles to lift Uses a direct water line so there's no need for a bottled water delivery service Free drinking water Eco-friendly Reduced contaminationBenefits of a Bottled Water DispenserMobile, can be placed anywhere Good for areas where the tap water is unpleasant Perfect for areas where a direct water line can't be usedNo installation required No water source neededBenefits of a Tabletop Water DispenserMore sanitary than water fountains Extremely durable and long-lasting Great space-savers Eco friendly Don't require any maintenance Cost-effective solution to providing your family with filtered waterGoing green is a lifestyle change. To stop buying bottled water and fill up your recyclable water bottle at home is a big change. The benefits are great. Not only do you get to enjoy great tasting water, but you are doing your part and contributing to an eco-friendly environment!trust56183CategoryHeat-OutofStockPage-Category-Heat-OutofStockPatio Heater1109570/outofstock-heaters.htm24FreeAnswerUrl/outofstock-heaters.htm1System31MultiChoiceDropDownTemplate1131System1448MultiChoiceDropDownSidebar811System25FreeAnswerBrowser TitleOut of Stock and Discontinued Heaters1Page283FreeAnswerMeta Keywordsspace heaters, garage heaters, electric space heaters, wall heaters, garage heaters1Page284FreeAnswerMeta DescriptionOut of Stock and Discontinued Heaters1Page294FreeAnswerHeaderOut of Stock and Discontinued Heaters1295WysiwygDescriptionOut of Stock and Discontinued Heaters12730FreeAnswerBreadcrumb TitleOut of Stock and Discontinued Heaters1Page77044HP2-15-50Page-Product-HP2-15-50120/product/hp2-15-50.html4271102225368HP2-15-50Soleus HP2-15-50 Tabletop Patio Heater136.9900179.99000.0000Out of StockSoleusHP2-15-50Patio Heater00.000016.95002008-10-231-1Repair Warranty0/images/soleus-hp2-15-50-c.jpg101165soleus-hp2-15-50-1-102839Category Bullets3 heat settingsMultiFreeAnswer2839Category BulletsWeighted baseMultiFreeAnswer2839Category BulletsTable top designMultiFreeAnswer2842Guided RankNumeric34Link TextSoleus HP2-15-50 Electric Tabletop Patio Heater1FreeAnswer37DescriptionThe HP2-15-50 patio heater plugs into a standard household outlet but only pulls a minimal amount of electricity. 1FreeAnswer2241Bullet PointsHeats 150 sq. ft.1MultiFreeAnswer2241Bullet PointsStandard outlet plug1MultiFreeAnswer2241Bullet PointsBuilt-in safety switch1MultiFreeAnswer764Special LabelElectric Tabletop Patio Heater1FreeAnswer

Out of Stock and Discontinued Heaters

Out of Stock and Discontinued Heaters

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