10/21/2014 12:00:40 PMANW004buyboxdiscountGet up to 10% OFF MOST ORDERS TODAY Use Code Savings at checkoutcserebatediscountbannerv2discountbannerv2secuhomepagemainhours Mon-Fri: 7 AM - 5 PM PSTlogomobilebannermobilebannersecurephoneShop by Phone: 1-800-734-0405popcouponseoblurbParty Hosting with a Portable Ice MakerNo matter what kind of party you're hosting: a kid's birthday, a graduation, or even a 21st birthday, a portable ice maker is an ideal accessory to have on hand. With a portable ice maker you can mix simple drinks, blend slushies, or make margaritas for you and guests. There's never a need to buy bags of ice from the store or wait hours for your fridge to produce what you need. Simply set one of these units up and plug it in. This handy appliance is easy to use and includes options that are guaranteed to make any party you're planning a great success. Here are a few product features to look for.Size and weight: You need to be able to handle the machine. It should be portable so you can carry it outside and set it up by the pool and compact so it'll fit on countertops easily. Choose a model that's lightweight and compact in size so you can handle it on your own.Operating cycle: You want an ice maker that'll meet your needs. Look for one with a quick production time. Most models make ice in as little as 7 minutes, so you can start making beverages for your guests quickly. You also want it to produce enough ice in one sitting so you all of your guests can enjoy a fresh beverage when they want it. Most models produce 9-12 pieces of ice at a time.Daily production: If you're someone that likes to entertain, then you need an ice maker that'll make lots of ice. Look for a model with a daily capacity of at least 28 lbs. If you plan to mix drinks or blend beverages all day then try a larger model that can make up to 50 lbs. per day. The NewAir AI-215 is capable of meeting this need.Ice sizes: Most ice makers make 3 different ice sizes for making the perfect drink. So whether your just mixing ingredients by hand or blending them, making any beverage is easy.Quick and easy maintenance: Look for an ice maker that's easy to clean, drain, and operate. Choose a model with a drain plug to remove excess water. Also look for a removable ice bin, so you can access the ice easier and store what isn't used. Moreover, look for indicator lights that let you know when the ice bin is full or when water is needed for production. If you invest in a portable ice maker that includes the benefits mentioned above, you're bound to enjoy a successful event!trust56183CategoryHeat-OutofStockPage-Category-Heat-OutofStockSpace Heater1109570/outofstock-heaters.htm24FreeAnswerUrl/outofstock-heaters.htm1System31MultiChoiceDropDownTemplate1131System1448MultiChoiceDropDownSidebar811System25FreeAnswerBrowser TitleOut of Stock and Discontinued Heaters1Page283FreeAnswerMeta Keywordsspace heaters, garage heaters, electric space heaters, wall heaters, garage heaters1Page284FreeAnswerMeta DescriptionOut of Stock and Discontinued Heaters1Page294FreeAnswerHeaderOut of Stock and Discontinued Heaters1295WysiwygDescriptionOut of Stock and Discontinued Heaters12730FreeAnswerBreadcrumb TitleOut of Stock and Discontinued Heaters1Page38900HM360Page-Product-HM360020/product/hm360.htm3350115706444HM360Soleus HM360 Micathermic Electric Space Heater55.990072.99000.0000Out of StockSoleusHM360Space Heater1.500021.50009.95002009-09-141-124 Hour ShippingRepair Warranty0/images/soleus-hm360-4-c.jpg150150soleus-hm3601.51.522843Type3269MultiChoiceMultiAnswerSpace Heater2845Coverage Area150square feetNumeric1529Voltage120voltsNumeric1530Watts1500wattsNumeric1538Noise LeveldBFreeAnswer2839Category Bullets2 heat settingsMultiFreeAnswer2839Category BulletsCovers 150 sq. ft.MultiFreeAnswer2839Category BulletsSafety tip-over switchMultiFreeAnswer2839Category BulletsCovers 150 sq. ft.MultiFreeAnswer2839Category Bullets2 heat settingsMultiFreeAnswer2839Category BulletsBuilt-in thermostatMultiFreeAnswer2842Guided RankNumeric2842Guided RankNumeric1340Coverage Area150square feetNumeric34Link TextSoleus HM360 Micathermic Tower Electric Space Heater1FreeAnswer37DescriptionThe Soleus HM360 electric space heater combines radiant and convection heat to quickly spread warmth throughout your room.1FreeAnswer2241Bullet PointsHeats 150 sq. ft.1MultiFreeAnswer2241Bullet PointsQuiet operation1MultiFreeAnswer2241Bullet PointsEasy to use controls1MultiFreeAnswer764Special LabelMicathermic Tower Electric Space Heater1FreeAnswer77044HP2-15-50Page-Product-HP2-15-50120/product/hp2-15-50.html4271102225368HP2-15-50Soleus HP2-15-50 Tabletop Patio Heater136.9900179.99000.0000Out of StockSoleusHP2-15-50Patio Heater00.000016.95002008-10-231-1Repair Warranty0/images/soleus-hp2-15-50-c.jpg101165soleus-hp2-15-50-1-102843Type3267MultiChoiceMultiAnswerPatio Heater2844Fuel Type3276MultiChoiceMultiAnswerElectric2845Coverage Area150square feetNumeric1529Voltage120voltsNumeric1530Watts1500wattsNumeric1538Noise LeveldBFreeAnswer2839Category Bullets1500 wattsMultiFreeAnswer2839Category Bullets3 heat settingsMultiFreeAnswer2839Category BulletsBuilt-in safety switchMultiFreeAnswer2839Category Bullets3 heat settingsMultiFreeAnswer2839Category BulletsWeighted baseMultiFreeAnswer2839Category BulletsTable top designMultiFreeAnswer2842Guided RankNumeric2842Guided RankNumeric34Link TextSoleus HP2-15-50 Electric Tabletop Patio Heater1FreeAnswer37DescriptionThe HP2-15-50 patio heater plugs into a standard household outlet but only pulls a minimal amount of electricity. 1FreeAnswer2241Bullet PointsHeats 150 sq. ft.1MultiFreeAnswer2241Bullet PointsStandard outlet plug1MultiFreeAnswer2241Bullet PointsBuilt-in safety switch1MultiFreeAnswer764Special LabelElectric Tabletop Patio Heater1FreeAnswer

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