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Outdoor Fireplace Heaters: Your Ticket to Backyard Paradise

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Outdoor fireplace heaters are becoming a popular accessory for year-round entertainment. They're great for so many reasons it's hard to list them all. These patio/deck heaters are not only a great source of heat, but they're a decorative item no backyard should be without.

Most hotels, restaurants, and other outdoor venues are using these heaters as a source of comfort for patrons, so why not use one in your yard for your own pleasure and any guests you invite over. Keep reading to discover why you should consider a backyard heater today.

Create a Peaceful and Welcoming Ambiance

  • If you're like me and you love the outdoors, a heater can make it even better. They are perfect for creating a quiet, romantic, or peaceful setting you love. Whether you're planning to enjoy the fire alone or with a group of friends, it's going to set the perfect mood.
  • Invoke the atmosphere you want, with these great versatile heaters.

Give Your Yard an Interesting Focal Point

  • Add interest and decorative flair to your backyard setting. Use one fireplace or two. These units envelop you and guests into a serene setting that's eye catching and pleasurable. Place tabletop and floor models around the backyard, creating ambiance and an inviting setting to relax in.
  • If you have a garden, a pool, or a simple patio, they can accessorize the setting perfectly. Cast iron, metal, wood, or plaster models are all designed to complement any outdoor decor.

Extend the Amount of Time Spent Outdoors

  • Don't feel like you have to go indoors because the sun has set! A fireplace lets you sit outside and enjoy the outdoors to your heart's content. If you're like me and you love the outdoors, they will not only keep you warm but it'll add nice lighting to your environment as well.
  • Dancing flames are alluring and romantic. They're also flattering, so plan that romantic dinner for two and captivate your significant other.
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Provide a New and Exciting Way to Barbeque and Entertain

  • Enjoy cooking in a completely different way. Did you know that some patio heaters include a grill for cooking? Gather friends and family around the fire and make ???smores. Enjoy toasted marsh mellows or hotdogs. Whatever you wish to cook, you'll love doing it around an open flame.
  • Fire pits are especially great for entertaining. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere all year round.

Allows You to Enjoy the Comforts of an Open-Fire

  • Sit back and take pleasure in the fireplace experience. Nothing's more relaxing than sitting around the fire. Open-fires can be relaxing, romantic, and thought provoking. Sitting around the open-fire inspires conversation, the building of relationships or mindful solitude.
  • No matter how you use your heater - whether you're entertaining or enjoying a glass of wine by yourself - it's a great addition to any home.

What to Consider...

Heaters by Design

When you're shopping for a model, consider the style of heater you'd like to use. If you don't plan on cooking and only want the promise of warmth or decorative design there's an option for you.

Below are the many different types. Each design affords a different use. Knowing how you plan to use your fireplace should determine the design you choose.

  • Table top versions warm personal spaces perfectly and can be set on any tabletop surface. This kind of heater is decorative and creates an atmosphere you and guests will enjoy.
  • Floor models are ideal for entertaining large groups of people. You can cook over these fires and keep family and friends warm at the same time. Enjoy 360 degree viewing, and place patio furnishings strategically around the dancing flame.
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Heaters by Form and Function

  • If you want to warm a large area with your fireplace heater, then consider the floor model. Floor models can warm anywhere from 100-400 sq. ft. of space. Add tabletop models for decorative flair and allow you and guests to enjoy personal warmth too. Tabletop heaters warm up to 20 sq. ft.
  • If you don't like the smoke and odor of fire pits, there's an option for you too. Many models are not wood burning. They provide ample warmth, ambiance, and a realistic flame effect without the emissions.

Heaters and Their Fuel

  • Gas heaters typically use propane as a fuel source and provide enough heat to keep large spaces warm. This is an inexpensive fuel source and burns cleaner than natural gas.
  • Wood fireplaces are larger and quite effective heaters. Typically fire pits and chimney type units require wood as a source of fuel. This type provides that campfire element often linked with storytelling. They're also great for cooking and eating that campfire snack you associate with childhood.
  • Gel fireplaces come in a variety of sizes. Some are wall mountable while others are designed for floor or tabletop placement. One can of gel fuel burns for up to 3 hours. Some units burn only 1 can of fuel at a time while others might burn 3.
  • Gel fueled units are cost effective and burn clean. So if you're an allergy sufferer, this is an ideal choice. You can enjoy the flame effect without any irritation.

Winter is the season for heaters, vessels fueled by wood, gas, or gel that lovers of the outdoors set up during chilly weather to heat, light, and charm the atmosphere. These decorative options are an inexpensive and low-maintenance way to extend living and social spaces to the outdoors, especially at night when the temperature drops.

Fireplace heaters create a sense of togetherness, peace, and romance. They're a decorative and effective source of heat, making it possible to carry notions of summer into winter with you.

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