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Tips for Squeaky Clean Dishes with the NewAir Portable Dishwasher


Enjoy the convenience of having a portable dishwasher in your home, condominium, or apartment. It's an easy to use, highly effective portable dishwasher that makes the task of dishwashing easier than ever.

The NewAir dishwashing unit is designed to rinse, clean and dry dirty dishes in less than 2 hours. It works like its larger counterpart - the built-in dishwasher. Below are helpful hints for using your dishwashing unit more effectively.

Each tip offers suggestions for making the most of this handy kitchen appliance.

How to Choose the Perfect Wash Cycle to Clean Your Dishes:

The wash setting you choose should depend upon the type of dishes you're washing and how dirty the dishes are. Dirtier dishes require a more powerful setting.

If the dishes are only slightly soiled, choose a less powerful setting. The chart below provides information about wash cycles and their uses. This guide makes selecting the appropriate wash cycle easy.

Setting: Wash Cycles:Ideal Dish Types:
Heavy Heavily soiled loads Pots, pans, and extremely dirty dishes with food that has dried and hardened
Normal Standard washing Plates, glassware, and other dishes that aren't overly soiled
Light Lightly soiled loads Plates, glassware and other lightly soiled dishes
Speed Lightly soiled loads and no drying Plates and dishes that don't require drying
Soak Rinsing prior to washing Plates, glasses, and other dishes that you plan to wash later

What Types of Dishes Should be Washed in Your New Air Portable Dishwasher:

90% of household dishes used on a daily basis are safe to use in the portable dishwasher. The ceramic mugs used for coffee, everyday flatware, and plastic or ceramic plates should all be considered safe. However, it's not perfect for washing all types of dishes.

Anything made of wood is not considered dishwasher safe. The heat causes the wood to swell and contract. Also, you shouldn't wash dishes that can rust or dent like cast-iron or copper pots and pans.

Finally, you shouldn't wash formal or hand painted dishes in this dishwashing unit. Repeatedly washing these items can cause them to become worn or discolored.

The Do's and Don'ts of Using a NewAir Portable Dishwasher 

  • Don't overload the dishwasher - Many people complain their dishes aren't getting clean. This is a problem if it's overloaded. If there are too many dishes, the spray arm and jets can't effectively clean your dishes. It's better to separate large loads for more effective cleaning.
  • Do wash your dishes when you have high water pressure - The best time to wash your dishes is either late at night or while you're at work. Dishwashers works best when the water pressure is high. If you're doing laundry or taking a shower while running it, you will probably find dirty dishes when the cycle ends because there wasn't enough water pressure to get the job done.
  • Do use the correct detergent - When you're loading dishes be sure that you're using dishwashing detergent especially designed for dishwasher use. If you use regular dish soap, it will overflow with suds and create an unpleasant mess for you to clean up.
  • Don't overfill the detergent dispenser - If you're using too much dishwashing detergent, you can cause the water to become too sudsy. When this happens, the sensors won't recognize the suds as water. The drain cycle will shut down too early, leaving water in the tub when it should have drained out.
  • Do clean the tub regularly - Make sure to clean the dishwashing tub on a regular basis. Experts recommend that you run an empty load with vinegar in the detergent dispenser at least once a month. This effectively prevents hard water, calcium, and lime scale build-up from forming.
  • Do use rinse aid - Rinse aid keeps water spots from forming on your dishes. With rinse aid, the water drains in sheets instead of forming droplets. It also helps dishes dry faster. Using rinse aid results in cleaner, drier, and spot free dishes!

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