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NewAir AF-350 Portable Swamp Cooler Review

Introducing the NewAir AF-350 evaporative cooler - an economical way to stay cool when the outside temperature rises. It's the first of its kind to produce over 500 CFMs of power in such a compact design! It harnesses the simple, natural cooling power of evaporation and costs significantly less to operate than traditional refrigerant-powered air conditioners.

It's also better for the environment. The advanced true cellulose cooling pads retain a greater amount of water to achieve more cooling in less time. An extra-large, 20-liter water tank is included so you spend less time refilling the tank. You can even put ice into the ice from a water inlet for extra cooling power.

It weighs only 22 pounds and a full-function remote gives you the power to change settings without leaving your seat. There are 3 selection speeds, a timer, a 1-year manufacturer's warranty, carrying handle, power cord rewind, carbon filter, and built-in ionizer. FREE SHIPPING while available. TheNewAir AF-350 evaporative cooler - a powerful, compact, and inexpensive way to beat the heat.

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NewAir AF-350 Portable Swamp Cooler

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