10/25/2014 10:13:22 AMANW002accountaccountsecubuyboxdiscountGet up to 15% OFF YOUR ORDER TODAY Use Code Prime at checkoutcserebatediscountbannerv2discountbannerv2secuhomepagemainhours Mon-Fri: 7 AM - 5 PM PSTlogomobilebannermobilebannersecurephoneShop by Phone: 1-800-734-0405popcouponseoblurbMaximize Your Portable Air Conditioners Cooling EfficiencyDuring the hottest days of summer, your air conditioner may seem like a blessing, until your electric bill comes. To get the most out of your portable air cooler and to save money on your cooling bill this summer, follow these simple steps:1. Reduce Heat Sources Heat sources from light bulbs or even cooking creates a significant amount of heat that must be removed by your air conditioner. In order to reduce heat from your light bulbs, try replacing them with compact fluorescent bulbs. Because they use 75% less energy and generate 70-90% less heat, they can maximize your AC's overall cooling efficiency. Furthermore, another heat source that can affect cooling power is from cooking with appliances such as gas or electric ovens and stoves. Try making more use of your microwave oven to decrease heat in your home instead.2. Don't Cool Unoccupied RoomsMovable air conditioners can save you money because they eliminate the need for solely relying on central or window air conditioning systems. However, to maximize energy savings and cooling efficiency, only use the small air conditioner to cool the rooms you're using, and don't forget to close the door in those rooms. Also, if you have a portable fan or ceiling fan, using these in conjunction with the compact air conditioner will help spread the cool air throughout the room.3. Raise The TemperatureAlmost all transportable air conditioners will include thermostats to help you control your desired temperature. Even turning the thermostat up by one degree can result in energy savings over time, and it will also prolong the life of your unit. In fact, also realize that each degree below 78?? F will increase your energy consumption by anywhere from 3-4%.4. Make Use of the Time FunctionReduce excessive use of your air conditioner by using it sparingly and only when you're at home. Most models feature built-in timers that will allow you to set the ideal temperature and the amount of time the unit should be operating. Be sure to set the timer or thermostat to turn off after you're asleep and when you leave during the day to save on energy.5. Cover Your WindowsDirect sunlight can raise the temperature of a room by anywhere from 10?? F to 20?? F. Therefore, keeping high-angle summer sun out is imperative in order to maximize your energy efficient air conditioner. Cover your windows with curtains or drapes, and perhaps even trees and bushes from the outside. After all, exterior shading is actually more effective than interior shading.Also keep in mind that sunny areas or second story and higher homes will require an air conditioner BTU of 10% more. Ultimately, more BTUs will cost you more money and use more energy.6. Purchase The Right Portable AC For Your Room SizeIf you're looking to cool a large master bedroom, living room, or den, there's sure to be a portable cooler that will fit your needs. However, one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a room air conditioner is its BTU rating. Making sure your unit can accommodate your room size is extremely important, and with a properly-sized one, you'll be able to cool any-sized room.Room's Square Footage x 35 = BTU Required (rough estimate)This will give you a general idea of how many BTUs you will need. But also keep in mind that larger isn't always better. Choosing an air conditioner BTU rating that exceeds your needs will consume more energy and won't cool your area as effectively due to the fact that the unit will cycle off too quickly. In addition, it won't be able to properly remove humidity from the air.7. Weatherize Your HomeAir leaks can waste energy dollars year-round, and you'll pay significantly more to cool your home when cold escapes. To prevent unnecessary leakage, caulking and weather stripping your home will keep you cool in the summer. Check to see that your fireplace is closed, and invest in insulation if it's feasible to do so. Furthermore, when installing air conditioner's window kit, make sure it's set up correctly and that there are no leaks present, as this can jeopardize your unit's cooling efficiency.8. Regularly Maintain FiltersRegularly clean the filter in your unit at least once month. Dirty filters can impede air flow and even cause damage to the unit. In addition, a dirty or saturated filter will make your compact air conditioner work even harder and use more electricity.9. Combine Your AC With An Electric FanElectric fans can create air movement that may result in a 4?? F drop in temperatures, and because they use roughly the same amount of electricity as a standard light bulb, they cost only pennies a day to operate. Therefore, if you have an electric fan, use it conjunction with your small air conditioner, as this will tremendously reduce your AC requirements and provide maximum cooling.trust56563CategoryIce-Makers-MarvelPage-Category-Ice-Makers-MarvelIce Maker109740/marvel-ice-makers.htm24FreeAnswerUrl/marvel-ice-makers.htm1System31MultiChoiceDropDownTemplate1131System1448MultiChoiceDropDownSidebar801System25FreeAnswerBrowser TitleMarvel Ice Makers | Undercounter Built-In Ice Machines from Marvel1Page283FreeAnswerMeta Keywordsmarvel, marvel ice makers, marvel ice machines, marvel built in ice makers, marvel ice cube makers1Page284FreeAnswerMeta DescriptionAir-n-Water carries the entire Marvel undercounter ice maker line. Shop with us to get an additional online discount!1Page294FreeAnswerHeaderMarvel Ice Makers1295WysiwygDescription<DIV align=center> <TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=700> <TBODY> <TR> <TD style="BORDER-BOTTOM-COLOR: ; BORDER-TOP-COLOR: ; BORDER-RIGHT-COLOR: ; BORDER-LEFT-COLOR: ">Marvel is a premier manufacturer of luxury built-in and undercounter ice makers. Shop from our selection of Marvel ice machines below. <P><BR></P> <TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%"> <TBODY> <TR> <TD style="BORDER-BOTTOM-COLOR: ; BORDER-TOP-COLOR: ; BORDER-RIGHT-COLOR: ; BORDER-LEFT-COLOR: "> <P align=center><A href="http://www.air-n-water.com/best-portable-ice-makers.htm"><img src="http://cache.air-n-water.com/images/anw_editors_pick_icemakers.jpg" border=0 alt="Best Ice Makers" width=320 height=80/></A></P></TD> <TD style="BORDER-BOTTOM-COLOR: ; BORDER-TOP-COLOR: ; BORDER-RIGHT-COLOR: ; BORDER-LEFT-COLOR: "> <P align=center><A href="http://www.air-n-water.com/compare-portable-ice-makers.htm"><img src="http://cache.air-n-water.com/images/anw_ompare_icemakers.jpg" border=0 alt="Compare Ice Makers" width=320 height=80/></A></P></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></DIV>12730FreeAnswerBreadcrumb TitleMarvel Ice Makers1Page1982930IMT-SS-FPage-Product-30IMT-SS-F020/product/30imt-ss-f.htm204213601827630IMT-SS-FMarvel 30IMT-SS-F 15 Inch Clear Outdoor Ice Maker2669.00003499.00000.0000Out of StockMarvel30IMT-SS-FIce Maker00.0000139.00002010-08-201-10/images/marvel-30imt-ss-f-2-c.jpg119165marvel-30imt-ss-f-1-101529VoltagevoltsNumeric1530WattswattsNumeric1538Noise LeveldBFreeAnswer2839Category BulletsFilter kitMultiFreeAnswer2839Category BulletsMakes 30 lbs. of ice dailyMultiFreeAnswer2839Category BulletsAutomatic defrost systemMultiFreeAnswer2839Category BulletsFilter kitMultiFreeAnswer2839Category BulletsGourmet shape iceMultiFreeAnswer2839Category BulletsAutomatic defrost systemMultiFreeAnswer2842Guided RankNumeric2842Guided RankNumeric2842Guided RankNumeric1225Daily Ice Making Capacity35poundsNumeric1226Ice Shape295MultiChoiceDropDownClear1236Operating CycleminutesNumeric1242Number of Ice Sizes1Numeric34Link TextMarvel 30IMT-SS-F 15-Inch Outdoor Clear Ice Maker1FreeAnswer37DescriptionThe Marvel 30IMT-SS-F 15-inch clear outdoor ice maker boasts real convenience in outdoor entertaining systems!1FreeAnswer2241Bullet PointsMakes 30 lbs. of ice daily1MultiFreeAnswer2241Bullet PointsGourmet ice shape1MultiFreeAnswer2241Bullet PointsAutomatic defrost system1MultiFreeAnswer764Special LabelIce Maker1FreeAnswer1982430IMATPage-Product-30IMAT120/product/30imat.htm204013258792530IMATMarvel 30IMAT Built-In Clear Ice Maker2450.00003185.00000.0000Out of StockMarvel30IMATIce Maker00.0000125.00002010-07-211-10/images/marvel-30imat-c.jpg114165marvel-30imat-1-101529Voltage115voltsNumeric1530WattswattsNumeric1538Noise LeveldBFreeAnswer2839Category BulletsSelf-closing doorMultiFreeAnswer2839Category Bullets30 pounds of ice dailyMultiFreeAnswer2839Category BulletsMakes clear, cubed iceMultiFreeAnswer2839Category BulletsConforms to ADA standardsMultiFreeAnswer2839Category BulletsAuto defrost MultiFreeAnswer2839Category Bullets30 pounds of ice dailyMultiFreeAnswer2842Guided RankNumeric2842Guided RankNumeric1225Daily Ice Making Capacity30poundsNumeric1226Ice Shape294MultiChoiceDropDownCubed1236Operating CycleminutesNumeric1242Number of Ice Sizes1Numeric34Link Text30IMAT Marvel Built-In Clear Ice Maker With Auto Defrost1FreeAnswer37DescriptionThe efficient Marvel 30IMAT provides you with a constant supply of fresh ice cubes - up to 30 pounds per day! Available in three colors.1FreeAnswer2241Bullet PointsSelf-closing door1MultiFreeAnswer2241Bullet Points30 pounds of ice daily1MultiFreeAnswer2241Bullet PointsMakes clear, cubed ice1MultiFreeAnswer764Special LabelIce Maker1FreeAnswer3044Top Label1FreeAnswer1976825IMPage-Product-25IM220/product/25im.htm202513249791725IMMarvel 25IM Built-In Ice Maker1500.00001950.00000.0000Out of StockMarvel25IMIce Maker00.0000115.00002010-07-201-10/images/marvel-25im-c.jpg145145marvel-25im-1-101529Voltage115voltsNumeric1530WattswattsNumeric1538Noise LeveldBFreeAnswer2839Category Bullets12 pounds of ice dailyMultiFreeAnswer2839Category BulletsSelf-closing doorMultiFreeAnswer2839Category Bullets15 Lb. storage capacityMultiFreeAnswer2839Category Bullets12 pounds of ice dailyMultiFreeAnswer2839Category BulletsSelf-closing doorMultiFreeAnswer2839Category Bullets15 Lb. storage capacityMultiFreeAnswer2842Guided RankNumeric2842Guided RankNumeric1225Daily Ice Making Capacity12poundsNumeric1226Ice Shape293MultiChoiceDropDownCrescent1236Operating CycleminutesNumeric1242Number of Ice Sizes1Numeric34Link TextMarvel 25IM Built-In No-Drain Ice Maker with Crescent Shaped Ice1FreeAnswer37DescriptionYou can make up to 12 pounds of ice per day and store as much as 15 pounds of ice with the highly efficient Marvel 25IM no-drain ice-maker. Available in three colors.1FreeAnswer2241Bullet Points15 Lb. storage capacity1MultiFreeAnswer2241Bullet PointsSelf-closing door1MultiFreeAnswer2241Bullet Points12 pounds of ice daily1MultiFreeAnswer764Special LabelIce Maker1FreeAnswer3044Top Label1FreeAnswer1970115IMPage-Product-15IM320/product/15im.htm201613206786815IMMarvel 15IM Built-In Ice Maker1275.00001675.00000.0000Out of StockMarvel15IMIce Maker00.0000105.00002010-07-131-10/images/marvel-15im-c.jpg145145marvel-15im-1-101529Voltage115voltsNumeric1530WattswattsNumeric1538Noise LeveldBFreeAnswer2839Category BulletsStores up to 15 pounds of iceMultiFreeAnswer2839Category Bullets12 pounds ice dailyMultiFreeAnswer2839Category BulletsUltra-efficient compressor MultiFreeAnswer2839Category Bullets12 pounds of ice per dayMultiFreeAnswer2839Category BulletsStores up to 15 pounds of iceMultiFreeAnswer2839Category BulletsCommercial condenser MultiFreeAnswer2842Guided RankNumeric2842Guided RankNumeric1225Daily Ice Making Capacity12poundsNumeric1226Ice Shape293MultiChoiceDropDownCrescent1236Operating CycleminutesNumeric1242Number of Ice Sizes1Numeric34Link TextMarvel 15IM Built-In Ice Maker 1FreeAnswer37DescriptionThe Marvel 15IM built-in no-drain ice maker is an efficient way to produce a constant supply of fresh ice throughout the day.1FreeAnswer2241Bullet PointsCommercial condenser 1MultiFreeAnswer2241Bullet PointsStores up to 15 pounds of ice1MultiFreeAnswer2241Bullet Points12 pounds of ice per day1MultiFreeAnswer764Special LabelIce Maker 1FreeAnswer3044Top Label1FreeAnswer109945anw_editors_pick_icemakersImage-Appliance-IceMaker-anw_editors_pick_icemakers030/images/anw_editors_pick_icemakers.jpg/images/anw_editors_pick_icemakers-s.jpg/images/anw_editors_pick_icemakers-l.jpg/images/anw_editors_pick_icemakers-m.jpg/images/anw_editors_pick_icemakers.jpg/images/anw_editors_pick_icemakers-c.jpg109946anw_ompare_icemakersImage-Appliance-IceMaker-anw_ompare_icemakers130/images/anw_ompare_icemakers.jpg/images/anw_ompare_icemakers-s.jpg/images/anw_ompare_icemakers-l.jpg/images/anw_ompare_icemakers-m.jpg/images/anw_ompare_icemakers.jpg/images/anw_ompare_icemakers-c.jpg

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Marvel is a premier manufacturer of luxury built-in and undercounter ice makers. Shop from our selection of Marvel ice machines below.

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