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Life Hack: Using Space Heaters To Become A Morning Person

Sleep Better Yawning Man

Everyone finds it difficult to get up in the morning on a Monday. Or any weekday, really. Whether you are a newly employed graduate with your first 9-to-5 or you've just never been adept at the "early to rise" part, mornings aretough. The bed is always just a little too comfortable and you just want to keep your eyes closed for just a little bit longer. It's so easy to drift back to sleep and not worry about the day for a little bit longer, but then you just end up running late. And that always throws your entire day off.

Stop slapping the snooze button and spending your day like a zombie. These are some great tips and tricks to train your body to enjoy mornings.

Sleep Better

Naturally, the best way to start your morning is to make sure you are well rested. And being well rested naturally starts with getting the best sleep possible. Even though we spend years of our lives sleeping, not many people know how to sleep "right". Educate yourself on getting some quality shut eye and watch how your life will transform.

Comfy, Clean Bedding

How often do you clean your sheets? Or here's a better question: How often should you clean your bedding? Ideally, you should be throwing those guys in the washing machine every week. If that's not possible, wash your sheets every other week to keep naturally occurring sweat and oils to a minimum. By keeping your sheets clean, not only will they feel more comfortable when you are trying to go to sleep, they will also keep you healthy. That means you'll have a smaller chance of catching a cold.

And don't forget to wash or replace your pillows twice a year!

Have A Snack

Yes, we've all been trained to resist the urge for a midnight snack. But what if that snack could help you enjoy a more restful sleep? Studies show that having a low-glycemic snack that contains about 150-250 calories before tucking yourself into bed prevents morning headaches and fatigue. Technically, your body is fasting as you sleep, causing your blood sugar to be low when you finally wake up. Munching on an apple or some low-fat yogurt before you sleep will help you feel more rested when you start your day.

Set A Routine

Many people will turn their nose up at the idea of routine. Mostly because they consider a routine to be "boring". In reality, setting a morning routine will not only give you something to do in the morning, it will stop you from deciding to close your eyes for "just a few more minutes". Designating your morning as a special time to do an activity will get you looking forward to waking up before the alarm even starts buzzing.

Sleep Better with Breakfast

Eat Breakfast

Tons of people skip eating breakfast every morning. These are also the same people that grump about not having enough caffeine and wonder why they're always hungry. Put making breakfast into your morning routine. It can be anything from eating a bowl of your favorite cereal to cooking amazing morning omelettes. Having breakfast will even kick start your metabolism for the day and will help keep your waistline trim.

Watch Some TV

Get up and watch the news! Watching a news show in the morning will make a much more interactive activity than reading it later on in the day. Not only will the visual jumpstart your brain for the day, the sounds will help you feel more awake and active. If you aren't keen on watching the morning news, find a show that's scheduled to run every morning. Whether it's a rerun of Spongebob Squarepants or an old episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, it will give you something to look forward to every morning.

Trick Yourself

Sometimes nothing works and no matter what you do, you just can't find anything to look forward to in the morning. Maybe you aren't a big fan of breakfast food and you can't stand reruns of 80s sitcoms. In this case, you are just going to have start to tricking yourself into waking up.

Use Your Phone

If there is one thing that the entire population of Earth can agree on, its that the sound of an alarm clock is the most irritating sound in the history of creation. Why would you want the first thing you hear in the morning to be that awful? Cell phones are great as alarm clocks because they often have several choices of alarms. You might even add your own song as an alarm tone. The ability to set specific alarms is another plus. Eliminate the urge of waking up to check if the alarm is set by creating a "work" alarm on your phone. It can be set to go off every weekday without resetting.

Sleep Better with Space Heaters

Space Heaters

No one wants to wake up in morning and walk around a cold house. Staying under the covers never feels better than when the house is chilly. So get rid of the nip in the air with a well placed space heater. If you don't like the idea of having one in your room, opt to set one up in the bathroom . Bathrooms are typically one of the coldest rooms in the house, so warming that area up will help you wipe the sleep out of your eyes and start your day off right.

Enjoy The Rest Of Your Day!

There are infinite benefits to cultivating an enjoyable morning atmosphere.The rest of the day will go smoother if you start out on the right foot. It will also help you feel like you are getting a little more out of your time in the morning and make the work day seem a little less endless. Heck, it might even make the work day seem pleasant!

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