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Keep Your Family Cool During The Summer


Even families that have no air conditioning have the possibility to stay cool during the summer. Summer, especially in some parts of the U.S., can be very hot and uncomfortable, which is why it is important for families to try their best to stay cool. Besides personal comfort, keeping cool in the summer has real health benefits, such as eluding heat stroke, dehydration and even the feeling of fatigue that comes with excessive heat in one's body. Staying cool in the summer also has a big impact on mood, as when it is hotter, people tend to be more irritable. There are numerous ways for families without air conditioning to keep cool during the summer.

Visit the public pool, or a friend/relative who has a pool

Visiting a public pool is a cheap and effective way for a whole family to cool down and stay cool in the hot summer months. If there is a family friend or a relative who has a pool, then that is even better.

Go to a Water Park

Going to a water park may be a little more expensive than hitting the pool. However, a water park combines the cooling effect of a pool with more fun since it is also an amusement park. As such, a water park features more ways to have fun and cool down. Some things families will find in a water park are splash pads, water slides, spray grounds, wave pools and lazy rivers.

Wear loose cotton clothes and linens

Wearing loose cotton clothes and linens is another way to keep cool during the summer. Materials like cotton and linens are excellent at repelling the heat of the sun. In addition, loose clothes allow people more mobility to move, lessening the discomfort of the heat.

Run cold water over pulse points

Running cold water over pulse points works in the same way as a cold facecloth when feeling sick. Cold water should be run over the wrist for one minute or so. This should be repeated one time every hour, if possible. Even splashing water on the temples may produce the same cooling effect.

Eat smaller more frequent meals throughout the day, not 3 big meals

Eating smaller meals throughout the day can help also stay cool during the summer. Instead of the usual routine of eating three big meals, families should eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the course of a day. This helps to keep the heat down because the body's metabolism does not have to work as hard at each mealtime with digestion. Eating smaller meals means not skipping any meals.

Use fans to circulate air

Using fans to circulate the air can contribute a moderate amount to staying cool. It has to be noted that fans do not produce cool air; they merely circulate the air in a room. So if the room already has hot air, the fan that circulates this air is not going to be that helpful. It may be helpful, though, to open a window and let in some fresh air for the fan to circulate.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water to help keep the body hydrated. While this is not only healthy, it also has the effect of keeping the body cool. The recommendation is to drink around eight glasses of water a day. During the summer months, it is especially necessary to do so.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol and others that dehydrate the body

Avoiding caffeine is advisable during the summer. Alcohol is another substance that should be cut down when the weather gets hot. The reason is that both caffeine and alcohol can dehydrate the body. When dehydrated, a person will feel the uncomfortable effects of the summer heat even more.

Go to the movies, library, or a museum

Going to the movies, library or the museum provides a respite from the summer heat for the whole family. These places have air conditioning, which makes them an ideal place to cool down from the heat. In addition, these locations allow families to spend time together while experiencing a neat event. The cost of admissions varies from place to place.

Eat ice cream

Eating ice cream is not particularly healthy. However, during the summer, it is one of the best options to keep cool, especially when a family has no air conditioning. Just get some bowls, spoons, and have the whole family dig into their favorite flavor of ice cream. Just be sure not to overdo it.

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