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An A-Z Companion to Infrared Heaters

If you're looking for a way to warm up that's fast, economical, and environmentally responsible look no further than the infrared heater . Infrared heaters heat only the person and objects in the room, so there's never any thermal loss.

How Does an Infrared Heater Work?

Rather than waste precious energy heating empty space, an infrared heater heats directly to save money and time; there's never any warm-up period, so you won't have to pre-run the unit before enjoying its thermal effect.

Instantaneous -  just switch on a unit and immediately benefit from its charming glow! So just what is infrared heating? Most of us are familiar with the term "infrared" from our high school days.

As a quick refresher, infrared is a wavelength of natural light . Infrared light is invisible because it is beyond the spectrum of light waves we can see. Although we can't visually sense the infrared light, our skin and clothing can - which is why we can harness infrared light and use it to heat.

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Our bodies absorb the light, so we become warm in a completely safe and natural way. The beauty of an infrared heater is that it very much mimics Earth's natural heater, the sun. Imagine standing out in the daylight, directly beneath that warm, radiant star. Now, step out of the light and into a dark, shady spot beneath a tree.

You'll instantly notice the drop in temperature. An infrared heater recreates the sun's natural light waves that touch your skin - without the detrimental UV light - so that you can enjoy the benefits of a sunny day indoors.

Infrared Heater Types and Applications

Now that you've remembered a little more about the science of infrared wavelengths, let's look at different infrared heater types. While all infrared heaters utilize infrared light, not all of them do so in the exact same manner.

Types of Infrared Heaters

Adirect infrared heater will, as the name implies, point its infrared light into a space or room todirectlycreate heat on the person or object it touches.

Indirect infrared heaters are comprised of three separate parts: an infrared light bulb, heat exchanger, and built-in fan. The heat exchanger is normally an efficient metal conductor, such as copper. The fan is used to push incoming room temperature air over the metal heat exchanger, thus warming outgoing air.

Infrared Heater Applications

Of the two types of infrared heating, direct and indirect, there are three types of fuel sources powering the infrared heater.

Thepropane infrared heater is suited for outdoor applications. The propane heater (LP) is incredibly convenient for outdoor living spaces, such as patios and pool decks. They are also used in workshops, garages, and warehouses thanks to the portability of the unit. A portable propane infrared heater can go just about anywhere - provided you can lift the LP tank.

The natural gas infrared heateris also well suited for outdoor applications. In many states, natural gas is cheaper than propane and can save you hundreds of dollars a year in outdoor heating.

Theelectric infrared heater is mainly designed for indoor applications. Great for any room in the house, these portable infrared heaters can easily sit on tabletops and won't dominate the space. Although an electric infrared heater can be operated outside with a proper outdoor design, it is much less convenient. Power outlets are few and far between, and using one may leave your patio cluttered with extension cords.

Infrared Heater Brand Names

Shopping for an infrared heater is a fun experience, but it can also be a little overwhelming. There are different styles of infrared heaters, as well as a plethora of brand names to choose from.

Most infrared heater brands are trusted, well-known names that offer safe and impressive results. Below is a list of the best makers of infrared heaters, in alphabetical order, on the market today.

Top Infrared Heater Brands in Alphabetical Order

  1. American Comfort - based in Cook County, Illinois, this all-American company specializes in making outdoor infrared heaters. A very good option is their electric infrared heater which can be mounted or placed on a stand. Use an American Comfort infrared heater on your deck or BBQ area.

  2. Aura - if you're looking for a commercial infrared heater, Aura is an excellent brand. They make commercial outdoor infrared heaters with reliable weatherproofing. Perfect for job sites, they are lightweight, direct-heat, easy to mount, and inexpensive.

  3. Comfort Zone - a Comfort Zone infrared heater is very handy for homeowners. Small and portable, you can easily tote one of these around the home. They aren't the most fashionable appliances, so treat a Comfort Zone infrared heater as a friend in your basement or laundry room.

  4. Dr. Heater - another great choice for the homeowner! Dr. Heater brand infrared heaters are stylish, many options have a wooden exterior - perfect for blending in - and they are powerful. These heaters can warm an entire room up to 1,000 sq. ft., plus, they also have built-in air purifiers.

  5. Duraflame - as far as infrared space heaters go, these are high class. Like the Dr. Heater brand, a Duraflame infrared heater comes in a stylish stained wood casing, they even sell a little cheaper if you're looking to save money up-front.

  6. Fire Sense - a well-known patio heater brand. The Fire Sense infrared heater is ideal for patios and balconies. Fire Sense offers infrared patio heaters in durable, yet stylish, metal designs. They heat and add character to your outdoor living space.

  7. Fostoria - Fostoria offers outdoor commercial infrared heater models. They're extremely durable and powerful, but they are a pricier than the Aura infrared space heaters. Buying one of these indicates you mean serious business.

  8. Infratech - trusted in the commercial line. Again, suited for outdoor/indoor business applications, such as construction sites, warehouse, auto garages, and shipping docks.

  9. Optimus - good options are available for homes. They're affordably priced, portable, and user-friendly by design. Choose an Optimus infrared heater for your home or guest house.

  10. Q-Mark - a suitable brand for a commercial warehouse. Not too many options, but then again it doesn't need to offer them. It does what it needs to do: heat a large space quickly, effectively, and at a low-cost.

  11. RedCore - the RedCore line of infrared heaters is excellent, a must-have for homes and apartments! You can find these in very contemporary designs, as well as traditional styles. They even offer an infrared heater as an electric fireplace stove, complete with flickering flames.

  12. Soleus - makes great, handy little space heaters. A Soleus compact infrared heater is small and convenient for office desks or your computer room at home.

  13. Sunpak - one of the few infrared heater companies that manufacturers natural gas heaters. Sunpak infrared heater options include patio designs with a slim profile, perfect for placing over pool decks. Get out of the water, get warm fast with this infrared heater!

  14. World Marketing - men will appreciate having a World Marketing infrared heater in their garage or workshop. These are great for man caves with slick designs and automatic features.

That's it for Infrared Heaters: 101! We hope that your search for the prefect infrared heater will be that much more convenient and hassle-free. There are a lot of infrared heaters to choose from, but at least you now have an idea for where to start looking - good luck!

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