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Choosing an In-Room Air Conditioner? What You Should Know


Shopping for an in-room air conditioner can be a daunting task. There are many varieties to choose from and making a selection isn't easy. Consider your needs. How much space do you want to cool? Do you want a fixed in-room air conditioner or are you looking for portability? Whatever you needs, there's an in-room air conditioner that will meet them.

In-Room Air Conditioners and BTU's

Most in-room air conditioners measure cooling abilities by BTU's. The BTU determines the coverage space. So if you want to cool 250 sq. ft. of space the BTU is lower. If you want to cool 500 sq. ft. of space the BTU runs higher. Before you buy an in-room air conditioner, you should determine how much coverage you need. Know exactly how much space you want to cool. Some in-room air conditioners cool up to 1500 sq. ft. of space, a great option for loft style apartments.

What do you need from an In-Room Air Conditioner?

In-room air conditioners offer multiple amenities. If you're looking to lower energy costs, choose a unit that is economical or energy efficient. Look for a unit that's Energy Star rated. Choose an in-room air conditioner that offers an energy saver feature, an option that prevents the AC from running excessively.

Many in-room air conditioners offer timers, sleep modes, and temperature gauges that let you determine how often the AC runs. These features are cost effective. So if you're going green and you're worried about how much energy you use, in-room air conditioners offer accommodating features.

Looking for an in-room air conditioner to supplement your central unit? A variety of units can do that too. Need extra cooling in a specific part of your home? An in-room air conditioner's perfect. Let's say you have a room with a lot of windows, and it gets really hot at the same time every day, an in-room air conditioner can keep that room cool when your central unit doesn't.

Types of In-Room Air Conditioners

Portable In-Room Air Conditioner 


Portable in-room air conditioners are exactly what they claim to be portable. Many portable in-room air conditioners are economical. They use less energy that other AC's, making them energy efficient.

They're smaller than average in-room air conditioners, require no installation, and roll easily from room to room. Portable in-room air conditioners provide exceptional cooling. The only exclusion, you must provide a source of ventilation, a cracked window or door for the AC to draw air from.

If you seek portability, then this is the in-room air conditioner for you. Visiting family, take it with you. Own a mountain cabin, this is perfect. Use it in those rooms that get hotter than others, keep your pets feeling comfortable, or your child's play room, wherever you use it, it will be effective.

Window In-Room Air Conditioner 



Window in-room air conditioners don't take up floor space. A window in-room air conditioner fits snuggly in the window and provides precise cooling. They self-ventilate, so they're convenient, and are also energy efficient. Depending on the BTU, they cool spaces quickly and efficiently.

Window in-room air conditioners do require some installation, but most models come with a window kit and instructions that are easy to follow. Installation isn't permanent, so you can remove it and take it with you when you move, or install it in a different room if you like.

Most window in-room air conditioners offer an Energy Star rating and multiple amenities to keep energy costs low too. The fact is they don't cost a lot to run; they're much more efficient than dated central units, so they're a great supplemental option for night cooling and specific cooling throughout the day.

Thru-the-Wall In-Room Air Conditioner 

When considering thru-the-wall in-room air conditioners you should remember they are permanently installed through the wall. This unit requires professional installation because you must cut through the wall to place it.

That being said, thru-the-wall in-room air conditioners are just as efficient as the others. They offer the same features and provide exceptional cooling. Again, consider the BTU's and how much coverage you're expecting from an in-room air conditioner. Also know they are self-ventilating. Thru-the-wall in-room air conditioners are similar to window in-room air conditioners, they difference lies in installation.

No matter what in-room air conditioner you choose, it will keep you comfortable this season, and if you're looking for a year round option, consider a unit with a heater too.

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