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Ice Makers Pave the Way

The Coolest New Appliance For Your Home

Why Portable Ice Makers?

Portable ice makers are the newest trend to any home, kitchen or gadget enthusiast.  Going far beyond outdated ice  trays, portable ice makers take the freezer concept of assembly-line ice and bring it outdoors - or at least moving it beyond your fridge.  These neat compact appliances are quick, efficient, quiet, and stylish. Because of this reason, they've received raving reviews among a multitude of publications, including entertaining, style, home improvement, do-it-yourself, home makers, as well as among chefs and restaurant owners.

However, the key feature that's moved these ice machines into the 'must-have' categories, is the speed with which they produce ice.  Most can make a tray of 12 ice cubes in as little as seven to ten minutes, and continue pumping out ice all day long.  This is great not only during your event but as a pre-planning stage before it.  Collect ice through out the day so you have coolers stacked and ready to go by the time your guests arrive. The speed with which they produce ice is also great, making ice makers far more energy efficient than large energy-consuming refrigerators.

Another reason nearly everyone's been rushing to them, especially in the host summer months, is because they're far cheaper than going to the story to continue stocking up on ice. You also have the option of using purified water and getting purified ice - as opposed to ice made from questionable water sources. 

With a compact ice maker, you can also control the size of your ice cubes with most ice makers offering small, medium, and large ice cube options. 

There are a number of uses for portable ice makers, including events, dinners, parties, offices, cafeterias, camping, or even just as a supplement to freezer ice. These mini ice makers are so simple to use - simply pour in the water, plug it in and wait a few minutes. You'll have ice available faster than you can use it.  The ease of use and the quick ice turnover rate has made them a smash hit among restaurant managers and chefs.

Plus when not in use, they can be discreetly tucked away, in a cupboard or pushed back against the back wall of a counter.  Since many come in stylish stainless steel, these mini ice machines also offer a stylish aesthetic to your kitchen decor.

Types of Portable Ice Makers:

Portable ice makers are as diverse as their users. These compact appliances come in different shapes, colors, sizes and uses. You have your option between the NewAir models to begin with. Take the AI-200SS, which makes 35 pounds of ice n a day or the NewAir AI-200w which makes 12 pieces of ice in seven minutes.  You also have the option of choosing a ice makers with LCD display for easy reading or an ice machine that produces crystal clear ice. 

For dual uses, consider the NewAir AI-300S which serves as an ice maker, a water dispenser and a patented ice crusher - perfect for ice slushies, flavored ice cones, or mixed drinks.

However, if you're in the food business, consider any one of the Franklin Chef series, which produce anywhere from 95 to 150 pounds of ice, some with a capacity to have even up to 400 pounds of ice remain in it's storage until you're ready to use it.

And as a last touch, you also have your choice between a myriad of colors. Choose between stylish stainless steel, classic white, black, or add a pop with fire engine red.

What to Keep in Mind When You Shop Ice Makers:

1. Consider how much ice you need to make in a given day, and use this as a factor when deciding which ice machine to get. Remember that most of the smaller portable icemakers are able to produce up to 35 pounds of ice per day, while commercial icemakers can make up to 400 pounds of ice per day.

2. Decide whether you want to use bottled or tap water, or even if you want to connect the icemaker directly into your water line.

3. Keep in mind that most portable icemakers are not freezers, and they will not be able to store ice for extended periods of time.


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