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How To Dress Up Electric Fireplaces In Every Season

Nothing quite sets the mood for the holidays like a crackling fire and stockings hung from the mantelpiece. A fireplace is perfect for those winter months, but - even if you have an electric fireplace - you might not know what to do with it for the other nine months of the year. Luckily, all you have to do is be creative with your decor to bring your fireplace mantel into the right season.


Christmas Ornament to Dress up Your Fireplace

Decorating your fireplace is probably pretty easy during the holidays. There are plenty of traditions and obligations to keep your fireplace mantel completely full from the day after Thanksgiving all the way up until Valentines day. Sure, you can pin up your family's stockings, but what other possibilities are there?


It's pretty easy to plop a store bought evergreen garland on the mantel and call it night, but there are so many other mantel decorating ideas that will allow you to showcase your creativity, as well as the holiday. Use some leftover Christmas tree globe ornaments to fashion a cascading garland down the fireplace. Add different colors and sizes to create more depth to the garland.


Everyone knows what colors should accompany Christmas: red and green. Choosing a lesser used Christmas color, like snow white or ice blue, can create a stunning fireplace mantel decorative theme. Purchase typical holiday decor like wreaths and reindeer statuettes in your chosen color. If you run across the perfect item that is not quite the right color, a big can of spray paint can fix that in a jiffy.


Fresh Flowers to Dress up Your Fireplace

After you finally get around to taking down all of your Christmas decorations in mid-February, you'll notice that the fireplace mantel will start looking a little bare. All you need to do is look at the new growth around you to find the perfect idea to decorate your mantel. Flowers remind everyone of spring, so why not use them in your decor?

Fresh Flowers

The great thing about flowers is that they come in millions of shapes, sizes, and colors. Just take a look at the local florist and you are sure to find the perfect arrangement to complement the decor color palette and theme of your home. If you are at a loss, lilies are great for modern spaces while a boho themed abode might feel more cozy with a handful of wildflowers.

Find the perfect vases to display the flowers. Over the months, there is no doubt that you will need new flowers, but a great vase will keep the right tone throughout these changes. Colored mason jars work well for creating multiple arrangements. It also might be interesting to revisit the idea of a monochromatic scheme for the vases. Buy vases of all different shapes and sizes in the same color for a dazzling visual.

Pressed Flowers

Perhaps you aren't too keen on making sure fresh flowers stay watered, or dumping expensive arrangements into the trash after they have died. In this case, pressed flowers are the perfect compromise. Grab a family member or a friend to press some flowers. After they have dried, find some pretty picture frames. They don't have to be expensive at all. Arrange the new art to suit your fireplace and voila! Beautiful fireplace mantel!


Beach Decor to Dress up Your Fireplace

Summer is usually where people lose their interest in decorating the fireplace, leaving it to be covered in family photos. It also happens to be the time where the fireplace will be in the least amount of use. (Unless you have an electric fireplace that lets you enjoy heat-less flame effects year round, of course.) Bring the liveliness of this season into the home with the right decor choices.


Nothing says "It's summer" like going to the beach. So what better way to pay homage to the summer's favorite past time than displaying it on your mantel? It's the perfect way to display that jar of sand you saved from that vacation to the Caribbean. Use some decorative driftwood, sea stars and sand dollars to bring the display to life.

Bold Colors

If you have no interest in mantel decorations that turn your fireplace into a shrine to the beach, it might be a good time to swath the mantelpiece in adventurous color schemes. Bright coral and a cool teal might be just the right amount of beach for you. Colorblocked candles and inexpensive framed card stock will ensure that your fireplace won't be forgotten.


Pumpkins to Dress up Your Fireplace

When September rolls around and the nights get a little chilly, the whole family will want to congregate around the fireplace. Everyone needs a warm place to enjoy a mug of hot chocolate and a few ghost stories. Give them an attractive social centerpiece by reflecting the eccentricities of fall in your decor.


Something about the fall breeze makes everyone feel a little rustic, and nothing is more rustic than a fireplace. Even most electric fireplaces are designed to play into that homespun feel. It's' such a popular decorating theme, it's hard to pick just way to use it! Weathered shutters or an antique mirror would make a great backdrop for a homey mantelpiece. Create the centerpiece out of shaped twigs and plastic fruit. Outfit it with decorative lanterns and wooden candlesticks to top it all off.

You should be able to find plenty of knick knacks at a flea market or garage sale, so always be on the lookout!


Taking the "natural" approach to decorating a mantelpiece during fall means only one thing: pumpkins. Arrange small pumpkins on the mantel for a truly fall experience. You can even paint the pumpkins to match your decorating theme and it will still look fall inspired. Gourds and pinecones are also great choices to tastefully reflect the season.

Never Forget Your Fireplace!

Now that you have some fun and creative ways to decorate your fireplace, there is no reason it should not be a part of the family all year long. Start enjoying the glow of flames in every season.

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