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Home Heater Shopping Quiz

Heat Your Home the Easy Way!

Are you looking for that perfect appliance to heat your home? The cost of fuel, be it electricity, gas, or oil, continues to rise while the average household's income drops. Conventional central heating is a drain on your precious monetary resources. There has to be a better way to keep warm, without waste. Luckily, there are multiple alternatives to central heating with a home heater appliance. Finding a home heater can be an easy and stress-free experience as long as you have the right information to empower your choices.

Continue reading to learn the secrets of choosing the perfect home heater!

Home Heater Considerations

When beginning your search for a home heater you need to break down your heating needs into categories.

Heating Considerations

  • Size of the space: How big an area? 100 square feet or 2,000 square feet?
  • Number of rooms: How many rooms? Are they adjoining?
  • Type of space: What type of space do you need to heat? The garage, bedroom, kitchen, or family area?
  • Length of time: Are you heating all day and night, or just for a specific block of time?
  • Number of people: Are you heating for just you or the whole family?
  • Health concerns: Do you have any health concerns, such as asthma or allergies?

Take the Home Heater Quiz!

Now that you've taken a moment to consider your heating needs, take our home heater quiz to determine the perfect heater for your life! Copy and paste the quiz to a blank document to easily highlight and write down your answer.

  1. I am heating a space of ___.

    A. 50 sq. ft. to 250 sq. ft. (1pt.)

    B. 250 sq. ft. to 500 sq. ft. (2pts.)

    C. 500 sq. ft. and up (3pts.)

  2. I need to heat ___ number of rooms.

    A. 1 to 2 rooms (2pts.)

    B. 2 or more rooms (3pts.)

    C. Only my personal space (1pt.)

  3. I am going to keep cozy in my __ .

    A. Garage, workshop, or outdoor man cave (5 pts.)

    B. Kitchen or bathroom (2 pts.)

    C. My cubicle at work (1 pt.)

    D. My bedroom or family room (3 pts.)

  4. I'll need to keep warm for __ hours.

    A. Hours? I'm cold all day and night! (3 pts.)

    B. 1 to 5 hours (1 pt.)

    C. 5 or more hours (2 pts.)

  5. I'm keeping warm for __ .

    A. Me, myself, and I (1 pt.)

    B. Just the two of us (2 pts.)

    C. The whole family (Add 1 pt. per house member, including yourself)

  6. Keeping the house healthy is a top priority for me. I worry about __ .

    A. Fur and dander from my pets (5 pts.)

    B. Dust, odors, and other allergens ( 5 pts.)

    C. I'm as healthy as can be (1 pt.)

Your Total Score: _____

If you scored between 6-9 points you'll need a:

Portable Home Heater

Portable home heaters come in a wide variety of choices. They are perfect for small areas, such as cubicles or reading chairs. You can easily take a portable home heater from one room to another with ease.

Home space heaters are lightweight and compact. In fact, many of these home heater types weigh less than 10 pounds. A small home heater is often a low-watt, electric model that can comfortably sit on your table or desk.

For the home office or cubicle, a space heater can be purchased to anonymously slip beneath your desk and keep your legs warm. Easily warm up to 150 sq. ft. with a portable home heater and in some cases up to 200 sq. ft. depending on your indoor conditions.

Most electric home heaters will comes with an ergonomic handle for easy lifting and carrying.

If you scored between 9-13 points you'll need a:

Freestanding Home Heater

A freestanding home heater is still functionally portable, yet will give you more bang for your buck. A good example of such a home heater is the tower space heater. Many tower home heaters have an oscillation function that gently distributes hot air around the room. This is the perfect solution to keep more than one person warm.

Enjoy warmth for up to 250 sq. ft. thanks to the fan-forced design. In addition, a freestanding home heater will often come equipped with a thermostat to provide you hassle-free temperature control. Multiple fan speeds are also available, as well as remote control action for added convenience and comfort!

Another way to intelligently heat medium to adjoined room spaces is an oil-filled radiator home heater. These electric oil-filled home heaters bring no additional challenges compared with other freestanding units, yet they are decidedly better for long-term operation.

The low surface temperature and radiant heat make this type of home heater ideal for children's bedrooms and family entertainment areas. They are quiet which makes them ideal for napping around, too.

If you scored between 13-19 points you'll need a:

Mountable or Installed Home Heater

If you need a home heater for larger rooms or in spaces such as kitchens, garages, and bathrooms then you'll need a unit that won't get in the way. A great option is a wall or ceiling mountable home heater. These home heaters are great for surface mounting or unobtrusive recessed installation.

Mountable home heaters are great for heating more than one room, too, as you can install multiple units. This gives you the luxury of heating both the kitchen and office, while not having to waste a great deal of electricity or money on central heating.

In garages, sheds, and man caves, the wall-mounted home heater is perfectly masculine and effective. Complete tasks in comfort during the middle of winter so you can refine your skills at a favorite hobby or craft.

While some ceiling-mounted home heaters may require professional installation, they don't require regular maintenance and are designed to last for many years to come. When deciding on a mountable home heater, consider it an investment on your home.

If you scored over 19 points you'll need the:

Best Home Heater Money Can Buy

Whether you're looking to keep multiple rooms warm, heat an outdoor area, or require a little something special from your heater, then you'll need a more powerful home heater.

A good example of an elite room heater is the Dr. Heater DR-998 infrared heater. It boasts a full 1,000 sq. ft. heating coverage and also includes an integrated humidifier, summer fan, and air purifier. Such home heaters are built for versatility and to work as an all-in-one solution to maintaining indoor environments.

Built-on humidifiers are great for dry, hot climates like Arizona or in places with frigid winters, such as Michigan. The humidifier helps keep your skin moist and your body healthy.

A home heater with an integrated air purifier is ideal for those who suffer from health complications, such as allergies and asthma, or those with vulnerable immune systems like infants. Also utilizing heating technology that is not fan-forced helps keep indoor air quality at its peak. Such home heater technologies include oil-filled radiators and infrared heaters.

For that something special, an electric fireplace stove is an eye-catching centerpiece that's also an efficient home heater. These units recreate the traditional look and feel of the hearth, without the dirty by-products, costly fuel, or mess.

As you can see, there's a home heater solution to every lifestyle, preference, and particular environment. For more information about the different types of home heaters, visit our home heater page today!

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