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Six Essential Cleaning Tools for Your Home

Let's face it, unless your home comes with its own maid service, you'll have to do something to clean your home or apartment. Our everyday lifestyles can lead to some very dirty living areas - be it your kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom - so it's important to regularly clean your place. A little tidying up here and there also makes your home much more hospitable and inviting for guests.

Just as there are essential home appliances that everyone needs for their home, there are also essential cleaning supplies that you need if you want to keep your house or apartment clean. Here are five essential tools everybody needs to help make their lives a little less messy:

Vacuum Cleaner


A basic vacuum cleaner is a necessity.This is especially true if you have carpeting in your living room or bedroom. Even if you just use a hand held, like a Bissell or Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner, you can still pick up the majority of the dirt and grime from your floor or furniture.

Upright vacuums typically pack a bigger punch, however, and can clean your home more efficiently than a simple hand held one. Vacuuming your place regularly can also go a long way towards limiting your allergy or asthma suffering, as it can lead to fewer dust particles in the air.

Toilet Brush and Cleaner

How clean is your bathroom right now? Chances are your bathroom is dirty at the moment - but that's ok - everyone else's is too. The simplest remedy would be to use your neighbor's bathroom all the time. Since most of us can't get away with that, the only other option is to regularly clean the place.

Simply put, you don't want to get stuck cleaning a toilet by hand without a brush. This thought alone should make you want to run out and grab a brush and some toilet cleaner immediately.

All Purpose Cleaner

This is really a no-brainer and truly a wonder of modern invention. One product that can clean almost anything. Yes, you can actually use an all-purpose cleaner on any surface in your pad - living room, kitchen, bathroom, wherever! Even if you have the very best portable air conditioner or a highly efficient swamp cooler, dust particles get everywhere. Not only does a product like this make cleaning much more economical, it also makes it easier.

Rubber Gloves

Yes, cleaning can be gross, especially your bathrooms. You really shouldn't need another reason to use rubber gloves, but if you do, then please consider the large amount of germs that can be found anywhere in your home. The easiest way to combat germs, other than dousing your home in disinfectant, is to use rubber gloves on your hands when cleaning.

Laundry Bag

While not exactly a cleaning tool, a laundry bag is an item that can certainly help you keep your place tidy. This is especially important if you don't happen to have a washer or dryer in your home or apartment. You might have to lug pounds of clothes up and down stairs and even across busy streets just to get the laundry done. A simple laundry bag can make the job that much easier - and less embarrassing too. If you can't afford your own washer and dryer, a laundry bag really is a must.

Window Cleaner

Everyone has windows or glass somewhere in their home or apartment, so window cleaner is another essential cleaning tool. Smudges, smears and the like are especially visible on glass surfaces almost instantly, causing your windows or glass table to appear much more dirty than it actually is. A good window cleaner can wipe everything clean in an instant.

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