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Beat the Heat and Reduce Humidity with a Home Air Conditioner


When I think of summer, I think of fishing, going to the beach, or taking a trip to a fascinating locale. But let's face it,summers not always a bed of roses.

Staying cool and contending humidity isn't easy, but we know it's important. So if you're looking for a way to beat the heat and reduce humidity in your home, then consider using a home air conditioner.

There are many home air conditioners to choose from. Portable air conditioners are exactly what they claim to be - portable. These home air conditioners move from room to room easily and don't require installation.

Window air conditioners fit snuggly in the window and require minimal installation, and split air conditioners fit into the wall and require professional installation. Any one of these home air conditioners can effectively help you and your family bear the summer heat without becoming overheated.

A Word about Humidity and Hyperthermia

Memorial weekend 2011, the state of Maryland reported record-breaking temperatures. Temperatures rose well into the 90's causing many to consider the dangers associated with summer heat and humidity. The state of North Carolina reported a similar fate.

By all accounts, this summer promises to be no different from any other. It will be hot and humid. So why not consider staying cool with a home air conditioner. Most home air conditioners offer a variety of amenities that effectively keep you cool, and as a result, diminish humidity.

A heat wave is defined by the National Weather Service as greater than or equal to 3 consecutive days of temperatures greater than or equal to 90.0° F. Hyperthermia, also known as heatstroke, is directly connected to the heat wave. Those most at risk for hyperthermia are the elderly, children, and the chronically ill. So why is this important, and how do home air conditioners help?

The Center for Disease Control reports several cases of heat related incidents due to hyperthermia caused by extremely high outdoor temperatures and humidity levels. Too much humidity causes severe allergies or even heat rash. It also causes mold to grow in the home, cultivating in places not visible to the naked eye.

Hyperthermia refers to overheating. Hyperthermia is caused by exposure to extreme heat and if unrecognized can essentially damage the brain, other vital organs, or result in death.

With a home air conditioner, these incidents can be avoided. Home air conditioners remove hot air from the room and replace it with cool air. Home air conditioners effectively circulate the air, providing a much cooler living environment. Hot temperatures cultivate humidity. By removing hot air from the room and replacing it with cool air, excess moisture is also eliminated.

Home Air Conditioners Help Healthy Humidity Levels


According to the EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, relative humidity levels should be within 30 and 50%. If possible, indoor humidity should not exceed 60%. A home air conditioner can help. Home air conditioners offer temperature controls that are easy to set.

Some home air conditioners include a dehumidifier to additionally aid in humidity reduction. Because home air conditioners effectively balance temperature and humidity levels, they provide a comfortable, safe living environment.

The EPA say, "Excess humidity promotes the growth of undesirable organisms in your indoor environment." Mold, mildew, and dust mites thrive in humid environments. A home air conditioner can help maintain an environmentally healthy living atmosphere and rid your home of harmful pests, and they're easy to maintain.

Washable filters not only capture fine particles but they're easy to clean and replace. By using a home air conditioner, you're not only protecting your health but your protecting your home too! A home air conditioner will help keep you and your family safely cool this summer.

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