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Understanding Oil Radiator Heaters


Outlay Costs: Low
Energy Costs: Low
Safety: Extremely safe; look for overheat protection features

  • They're safe, effective and inexpensive to operate. Most of these heaters offer overheat protection and tip over safety switches, they're low wattage so they cost only pennies to use, and  they effectively warm individual rooms and spaces with ease.
  • This heating system transmits warmth into small areas by heating a special heat-conserving oil that never needs to be replaced. This oil is then circulated throughout the coils of the radiator, which then allows for heat to be distributed throughout the room.
  • Oil heaters produce no fumes or flames and feature whisper-quiet operation. They are a low maintenance choice and provide continuous warmth even after it's turned off.
  • Their compact design makes it easy to fit in small spaces. Set one in the corner of the room and it willl keep you feeling warm and cozy for as long as you need it to. This heating method is ideal for bedrooms and living rooms.
  • In addition, these types of heaters are portable - allowing you to carry them from room to room. Many feature carrying handles or a set of casters for even easier mobility!
icon_bulb-blue-1Heater Tip:
Another advantage of an oil-filled radiator heater is that it doesn't dry out the air as much as electric fan-driven units. And because it doesn't use a fan, it's much more silent.

This heating system can warm up to 150 square feet, depending on the size of the unit. Though the larger units have the ability to heat larger rooms, the small desk-type units are convenient too. Your less likely to blow a fuse when it's hooked to an outlet that is already being used, and it will heat your personal space perfectly.

Most people use oil-filled radiator heaters because they are perfect for supplementing your primary source of heating. There's no need to run your central heating system, warming spaces that aren't in use, when you can use an radiator heater. 


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