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Heaters for Living Rooms

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livingroom/     Room Size: Medium
    Square Footage: Up to 150 square feet
    Wattage: Up to 1500 watts

These areas sometimes require additional background warmth and spot heating, so heat pumps may not be the best solution. Here are your heating options for medium sized rooms:
  • Electric space heaters come in a variety of styles and sizes, and all provide instant heating comfort. They are extremely economical and don't take up a lot of room. View our recommended space heaters here.

  • Infrared heaters provide economical, focused heating that save you energy and money. These units offer heat that promotes blood circulation and healing for better health! See the infrared heaters we recommend.

  • Electric fireplaces add decorative warmth to your living room without using a lot of energy. These heaters use the same heating technology as any space heater and are much safer than regular wood-burning fireplaces. They can be used year-round with their realistic flame-only option! Read our electric fireplace heater guide to learn more.

Our Recommended Living Room Heaters:
Dimplex DS2205 Fireplace Heater
Sale Price: ${Price:DS2205}
RedCore 1500 Infrared Heater
Sale Price: ${Price:1500}
Vornado AVH2 Space Heater
Sale Price: ${Price:AVH2}

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