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Heaters for Kitchens

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kitchen/     Room Size: Small to medium
    Square Footage: Up to 150 square feet
    Wattage: Up to 1500 watts

When you can't count on the heat coming from the oven, your best bet is to use a separate heater that will save you energy and money. Take a look at these heating options for kitchens:
  • Space-saving wall heaters are perfect for areas like kitchens. Because they are mounted on or into the wall, they won't get in your way and become safety hazards. Electric wall heaters are also very energy efficient, some models using 1500 or 2000 watts at most on the highest setting! View our editor's picks of wall heaters.

  • Space heaters are also great for kitchens. They don't take up a lot of space, but you can trip over them if you don't place them next to the wall or on top of a counter or table. Portable space heaters have many safety features, such as tip-over shut-off switches and overheat protection cut-off switches. Take a look at the space heaters we suggest.

Our Recommended Kitchen Heaters:
NewAir AH-450 Oil Filled Heater
Sale Price: ${Price:AH-450}
Q-Mark LFK304 Wall Heater
Sale Price: ${Price:LFK304}
Q-Mark CRA2224T2 Wall Heater
Sale Price: ${Price:CRA2224T2}

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