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Efficient Infrared Heaters

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Outlay Costs: Low to medium
Energy Costs: Low compared to standard electrical heaters
Safety: Look for models with tip over switches

An infrared heater uses heat very similar to the sun. Additionally, its silent, clean infrared technology won't disturb your home environment. Because infrared heaters transfer heat directly to people and objects and not to the rest of the room, they tend to be more energy-efficient than other electrical heating options. Infrared heaters are also great for your health - they promote healing and blood circulation!

Infrared heaters transfer energy to a body (whether a person or an object) with a lower temperature through electromagnetic radiation. Most infrared heaters use an electrically heated filament as the emitting body, which is usually protected by a heat-resistant glass tube. From that point on, the filament then emits its heat by infrared radiation directly onto the object being heated.

 icon_bulb-blue-1/InfraredHeater Tip:
Infrared heaters produce heat very rapidly, and the heat is easily directed to an object in a very precise beam. Thus, they use less energy to transfer heat and are the perfect solution to those chilly mornings. 

Most electric heaters usually use convection to heat the ambient air of the room, which heats the air and circulates the warmth out into the room. However, an infrared heater transfers most of the heat through direct infrared radiation, and theoretically, they are 100% efficient, as they convert all electrical heat into the filament. This results in only objects being heated and not an entire area - therefore allowing you to save money on your energy bill.

Industrial heaters can rapidly heat up to 200 square feet of space - a big difference from most of our other 150-square-foot electric infrared heaters. It should also be noted that the typical wattage in an average home cannot exceed 1500 watts; therefore, the most heat you can produce from a space heater is only suitable for rooms the size of the average bedroom.

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