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The Perfect Heater for Garages and Other Workspaces


Room Size: Large
Square Footage: Up to 500 square feet
Wattage: Up to 5000 watts
BTU: Up to 25,000 BTUs

Because it's hard to maintain an ideal temperature in a garage or workshop,  these spaces are not usually connected to a central heating system. As a result, these larger areas need supplemental heating to remain warm.

Below are options that are perfect for garage and workshop heating. This heating system keeps large spaces exceptionally warm, and they're generally cost effective. 

  • Garage heaters provide quick, sufficient heat for large spaces without wasting any energy. They can be hard-wired and permanently installed or just plugged in and moved from place to place.

  • These heaters are typically electric or gas powered and heat spaces with the help of a fan that spreads warmth evenly around the area. 

  • Most shop heaters work as spot heaters to keep nearby objects warm. If it's electric the wattage determines the coverage and if it's gas, the BTUs.

  • The higher the watts and BTUs the larger the coverage area. If you're looking to heat a large space choose an option with enough power to meet the need.

  • Infrared heaters provide heating similar to the natural sun. This heating method offers instaneous results. It's perfect for heating a primary area. The heat doesn't spread the same way a fan-forced heating system does but it's effective.

  • For areas that are large and well-ventilated, propane heaters are great options. They are extremely sturdy and safe when used in well-ventilated spaces like warehouses and factories. The coverage is extensive, sometimes as much as 4,500 sq. ft.

Our Recommended Heaters for Larger Areas:
NewAir G73 Electric Shop Heater
Sale Price: ${Price:G73}
UFO S-1500 Infrared Heater
Sale Price: ${Price:S-1500}
Dayton E51 Oil-Fired Heater
Sale Price: ${Price:E51}

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