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Affordable Heating Solutions

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Though you may have to use your heaters more frequently during the cooler months, there are a few ways to make sure your heating bill doesn't go through the roof. As a result of the large number of inexpensive heaters on the market today, many people tend to choose a heater based on the purchase price alone. This method is rather ineffective because you may be overlooking many important safety and energy-saving features that can help you save more money in the long run.

Affordable Heating Solutions to Consider:


Small Areas & Personal Spaces Whole-house heating with electricity may not be very economical, but for supplemental heating in small areas such as rooms or desk areas, oil-filled heaters are affordable choices. Many models offer safety features including overheat protection to ensure safe operation.


Bedrooms Portable space heaters are the simple and effective solution for areas such as bedrooms and small offices. Infrared heaters can also be inexpensive to both purchase and operate. Models with tip over safety switches and oscillators offer evenly distributed warmth and have excellent heating efficiency.


Living Rooms & Lounge Areas For living rooms or lounge areas, portable space heaters work well as supplemental heaters. Electric fireplace heaters are also great for these types of areas, and they have the added bonus of providing decorative heat. These heaters are much safer to run than traditional wood-burning fireplaces and cost only pennies to operate!


Commercial & Industrial Areas Electric shop heaters provide adequate heat at an affordable price. These heaters offer efficient convection heat for areas that aren't insulated enough for ambient heating. Workshop heaters are perfect for spot heating and only warm the objects around them to save energy.


Large Areas Garage heaters provide instant, heavy-duty heating for larger areas, such as commercial and industrial areas. These heaters deliver powerful heat and durability for large areas. Propane heaters are perfect for well-vented outdoor areas like patios and backyards. They warm up areas very quickly and they don't require electricity.

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