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Choosing an Electric Heater

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Electric heaters are oftentimes categorized by style; the style you choose depends on the area you're heating.  See the chart below for additional information on the different electric heater styles:

Electric Heater Styles
randomspaceheater/ Portable Space Heaters These heaters are portable and designed to heat small areas or specific rooms. They usually offer a number of safety features to prevent safety hazards. The most popular types of space heaters are fan-forced or oil-filled. Read the electric space heater guide for more information, or see our selection of space heaters.
randomgarageheater/ Garage Heaters Garages and shops aren't as insulated as our homes, and regular electric space heaters don't provide enough heat to warm these areas. Garage heaters provide high output heat and blasts of warm air directly onto the body. Read the garage heater guide for additional information, or see our selection of garage heaters.
hbb504small/ Baseboard Heaters Perfect for bedrooms and hallways, these heaters use electric resistance to warm the air that passes through it and pulls colder air to the bottom. They're often popular because they're low profile, safe, and easy to install. Read the baseboard heater guide for to learn more, or see our selection of baseboard heaters.
randominfraredheater/ Infrared Heaters These heaters are versatile and perfect for both home and workplace use. Infrared technology is silent and doesn't use as much energy as conventional convection or fan heaters. Infrared heat is also beneficial to your health! Read the infrared heater guide for more information, or see our selection of infrared heaters.
ah400small/ Oil-Filled Heaters These heaters warm up a special heat-conserving oil and radiate this heat into a personal space or room. Because the oil is never burned, these radiator heaters are extremely safe, efficient, and economical. Read the oil-filled heater guide for additional information, or see our selection of radiator heaters.
randomelectricfireplace/ Fireplace Heaters These heaters add decorative and efficient heat. Because they use electricity instead of gas, they're much safer than traditional wood-burning fireplaces and are perfect for living rooms or bedrooms. Read the fireplace heater guide to learn more, or see our selection of electric fireplace heaters.

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