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The Perfect Heater for Bedrooms and Offices



Room Size: Small
Square Footage: Up to 150 square feet
Wattage: Up to 1500 watts

Electricity is an effective way to heat up bedrooms and smaller areas because these rooms require less heat than living areas. The energy draw is far lower in these rooms than it might be otherwise.

Electric heaters are an affordable source of supplemental heating that warms spaces in a cost effective way.

There are many options for heating smaller rooms. Below are a few ideas to consider:

  • Portable space heaters are used when central heating is too costly to install or operate, or when the main heating system is inadequate. These heaters are safe, economical, and portable! 

  • If you're loooking for a supplemental source of warmth to take the chill off, a portable heating system is the way to go!

  • Radiator heaters are great for bedrooms and small areas because they're silent and extremely safe. They're perfect for under-desk applications as well!

  • This option warms a special type of heat-conserving oil that radiates warmth into the room; as a result, the oil never has to be replaced. Read the oil filled radiator guide for more information.

  • Baseboard heaters are able to quietly provide extra heat without the use of a fan. They need little to no maintenance and don't use that much energy. Most models retain heat for hours after the unit is turned off, so they're cost effective.  

Our Recommended Office and Bedroom Heaters:
Vornado TVH600 Space Heater



NewAir AH-400 Radiator Heater



Q-Mark HBB504 Baseboard Heater



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