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Heaters for Bathrooms

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bathroom/     Room Size: Small
    Square Footage: Up to 150 square feet
    Wattage: Up to 1500 watts

Adding heat to bathrooms is no easy task because there's always a safety hazard when the heater is near water. However, there are still a couple of options when it comes to heating bathrooms:
  • Electric wall heaters can be used in bathrooms because they are either mounted on or into walls. As a result, they are not as much of a risk as other electric heaters. These wall heaters don't use a lot of energy, so they save you more money than other types of heaters. Additionally, they are extremely easy to install. See our recommended electric wall heaters.

  • Infrared heaters use heat that is very similar to the sun's warmth. As a result, they provide healthy heat that doesn't cost a lot. Because they use direct infrared radiation to heat objects and people nearby, infrared heaters don't waste as much energy as other heaters. For your bathroom, it might be best to use a mountable infrared heater to keep it away from water. Take a look at our best infrared heaters.

Our Recommended Bathroom Heaters:
Q-Mark CRA1512T2 Wall Heater
Sale Price: ${Price:CRA1512T2}
UFO UK-1500 Infrared Heater
Sale Price: ${Price:UK-1500}
Stiebel Eltron CK 15E Wall Heater
Sale Price: ${Price:CK15E}

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