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Baseboard Heaters

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Outlay Costs: Low to medium, depending on whether you need installation
Energy Costs: Very low; hydronic models using a heat-transfer liquid are even more energy-efficient
Safety:Because they are often recessed into a wall, they are extremely safe; look for built-in thermal cut-off switches

Baseboard heaters are the ideal room-by-room heating solution because they're silent, economical, and safe. They also require little space and have low initial costs. Electric baseboard heaters are able to heat the room quietly and safely through convection (usually without the help of a fan). Safety thermal cutout protection switches prevents overheating by turning off the baseboard heater, and then the auto-safety feature reactivates the heater if the temperature returns to normal. Most of our baseboard heaters are thoroughly tested and UL- or ETL- listed.

These heaters work by using convection to take in the cold air near the floor, warming it up, and releasing it back into the room where it rises. As the air gets cooled, it sinks and is taken back into the baseboard heater to be warmed again. This convection-powered cycle will continue until the room is at the desired temperature, and the baseboard heater will then automatically shut off to conserve energy.


Free-Standing Model


Mountable Model

Most electric baseboard heaters range from 500 watts to 1500 watts in power, which translates to about 50 to 150 of square feet of warmth. Therefore, while these aren't appropriate for large areas or whole-house heating, they're great for bedrooms and hallways.

Electric baseboard heaters don't require duct work, so they're perfect for room additions and other places that need supplemental heating. These heaters are also very easy to install, and some don't even require mounting. Maintenance is a breeze because the heating element inside electric baseboard heaters have no moving parts. In fact, upkeep of the unit requires minor cleaning consisting of removing the dust and lint from the grill of the heater. 

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