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A Brief Explanation of Optional Thermostat Accessories and Other Relative Terms

bbhsinglepoletherSingle Pole: Single pole thermostats break only one side of the power line to your heater and cannot be turned "off." Therefore, power is continuous to the heater even if it is not running. The control knob will have a low temperature setting without an "off" position. These thermostats generally have a temperature range of 40 to 90 degrees.
Double Pole: A "Double Pole" is an older term for a switch that allows you to turn both sides of the filament on and off - actually turning it completely off making it much safer than leaving it always energized. Double pole thermostats should be used for zonal heat systems such as electric fan heaters, baseboard heaters, and radiant heaters.

Double Pole Wall Thermostat: The same as a double pole, but is able to be wall mounted.

Two Pole Tamper-Proof Thermostat: A standard two pole thermostat but with a tamper proof guard that resembles a small disc covering, which is only removable with a screwdriver. Once it is off, an inside stem is clearly visible. This is then rotated with a screwdriver or with your fingers.bbhtamperproof

Inside Corner: Allows two baseboard heaters to be set up next to each other on walls that are at a right angle to each other. If you were standing in the corner, the point of the corner would point away from you.

Outside Corner: If you were facing the point of this corner, it would be pointing towards you.

Hardwired: Must be wired directly into the power source. This is a permanent heating solution. These are usually significantly cheaper than the units that come with a plug installed. Should be used with a thermostat, otherwise there is no way to control the flow of power to the unit. Thermostats do not automatically come with these units.

Radiant: Has a heating element which air must pass over, does not have an internal device to move the heated air.

Plug in: Will connect to an outlet, it is designed for supplemental heating due to the ability to move and reconnect the unit as needed.

Fan Forced: There is a fan inside the housing of the unit which helps to disperse the heated air throughout the room.

Hydronic: The inside of the heater contains chambers that are filled with oil, which helps the heater to retain heating in a more efficient manner. The drawback is that hydronic heating methods do take a little longer to come up to maximum efficiency, and the heat will disperse longer after turning off the energy source.

duplexreceptacleDuplex Receptacle: An optional accessory that attaches and makes an additional two plug outlets for several baseboard heater models.

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