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Quickly Heat Up Small Spaces with an Electric Space Heater

Keep rooms and personal spaces warm and comfortable with an electric space heater. When used correctly, space heaters are a safe, inexpensive way to add focused or supplemental heat to smaller areas. Most units are small and compact enough to move from room to room.

Space Heater Buying Guide

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Safety Tips for Electric Heaters

Thinking about purchasing a space heater to beat those winter chills? Follow these simple space heater safety tips to stay warm and safe.

Where to Safely Place Electric Heaters

There are a wide variety of space heater types so it's important to find the type of heater that works the best for you. A large part of the heater selection process should include where you're going to place the unit. Some electric heaters are meant for larger rooms and some are meant for smaller, so be sure to check out the heater guidefor some helpful suggestions.

Most space heaters are incredibly versatile and can be placed anywhere, but try to avoid placing them too close to furniture and always have them facing towards a wide area for maximum heat distribution. This isn't only for safety, but allows for the best heating results possible. Don't forget: even though most electric heaters are very safe, most shouldn't be placed in a bathroom. Bathrooms tend to have little floor space and because of the close proximity to water, there's a safety risk. Remember, space heaters are electric units, so use the same caution.

Safe Handling is Key

Many space heaters are now made with materials that are heat resistant for optimum protection from the heating element. To avoid any potential problems when using the heater, only touch the controls during use and when moving the unit, turn the heater off, let it cool, then use the handle for easy and safe transportation. Also, never place items over or on top of a space heater.

Look for a Safety Tip-Over Switch

Almost all space heaters now come with a tip-over switch for your protection. Electric heaters include this extremely useful function because it helps prevent accidents and many electric heaters have the switch conveniently located on the bottom of the unit. It immediately shuts the heater off when it gets knocked over. This prevents the ground from heating and eliminates any risk of fire. The safety tip-over switch is an important feature, so be sure to check for it before purchasing any heater.

Automatic Shutoff

The automatic shut off feature puts an end to the over heating problems that has plagued space heaters in the past. Automatic shutoff monitors the heater and detects over heating or abnormalities and immediately turns the unit off to prevent any further damage. This allows for peace of mind without having to worry about the heater's performance.

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